NEO Scavenger #20 on RPS's top 50 RPGs of All Time!

Twitter alerted me today that Rock Paper Shotgun published their list of the top 50 RPGs of all time, and NEO Scavenger ranked #20!

Not just the best. The bestest best!

Wow! That's a pretty big accolade, and I'm both honored and humbled to be among such titles as Fallout, Planescape: Torment, Vampire: Bloodlines, Deus Ex, and frankly, too many more to mention without simply repeating the list. Not only that, it seems I have a new list of games to check out...

In the time during which I wasn't gawking at my fortune, I started work on a new tileset. I want to see if I can make the ship editor a bit more usable and enjoyable. In its current state, it's possible to select tiles from a list with the mouse, and paint with them by clicking and dragging around the screen. One can also right-click to erase tiles.

The problem is that it requires the user to choose the right tiles for such things as right vs. left walls, corner pieces, intersections, etc. This is fine for detailed work later in the process. In the beginning, however, the user will want to work in broad strokes. Defining the layout of the ship shouldn't require tedious mitring and joining of segments. It should be sketching and using the power of the computer to solve the details.

So I'm going to try creating a set of tiles and some data for them that define how they can connect to adjoining tiles, so when the user paints a ship tile on screen, the game just figures out where to put walls, floors, etc. Later, once the rough hull is worked-out, the player can tweak the details and shapes (still within the rules) to suit their tastes and needs.

This is all in preparation for supporting a wider range of tile types, such as onboard equipment, life support system routing, etc. Building and tweaking ship designs is something I think is fun by itself, and that should be a goal here. But once that is running, it'll give me a chance to see how the AI sim meshes with the layout/ship-running sim, and start connecting loose ends between the two.

My hopes are that it'll be a lot like the meshed systems of NEO Scavenger. Whether it was by luck or design, there is some really good interplay between survival, crafting, medical, navigation, and role-playing systems in NEO Scavenger. Let's hope I can do some similar things here.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Monday!


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Congratulations! :D

The Science&Sorcery Mod deal with nanobots. travel to the astral realm.

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I am slightly miffed by no mention of some titles I always considered pretty much historical RPGs (like, for example, Arcanum) but I guess there's no list that would appeal to absolutely everyone.

Still, this one is overall not bad and does include many classic titles. Glad to see NEO Scavenger among them. Now you'll have it tough, Dan - expectations are high enough that we expect no less than a masterpiece from you/Blue Bottle Games. Congratulations on having your work recognized so far. You've done great despite all hardships and things that couldn't make it in - and it's great your 'child' is appreciated.

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Yes, I do not agree with some of the list as is my right (and which is expected) but there is no need to be a jerk about it. The same way there is no need for such here.

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