Bottled Meat Stew and Cooking with a Pot

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Bottled Meat Stew and Cooking with a Pot

I thought It was strange that one of the oldest cooking methods of stewing meat was not a thing in Neoscavanger.
Let alone being forced to cook meat with only a stick. Stew would keep better than roasted chunks, and could be bottled to move between camp.

I also think you should be able to Spit roast your victims, being human, dog, or wolf man, it would make cooking your victims more efficient, even if it was sacrificing a bit more meat and the hide for efficenty.

What do you think?

Seems like some modders agree with you. Chiko's Extended NeoScav includes at least one stew recipe that I remember, a mulligan stew. It's a good mod, with many additions, you may wonna give it a try. :)

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