How many hours do you guys have on this game?

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How many hours do you guys have on this game?

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about buying this game, but before, I would like to know how many hours of fun it is possible to get from this game. So, how many hours do you guys have on it ? Is it still as fun as when you start playing ?

Thanks and have a great day !

Personally I have 341 hours logged as of right now, but I should point out that due to the turn based nature of the game I frequently wander away with the game running without saving and and quitting. So let's take off 100 hours from that just to be face and say 241 hours.

I still really enjoy the game, and feel that you would without a doubt get your money's worth. So many games nowadays give you maybe 10-20 hours tops of playtime with zero replay value.

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Well over 100 for me, but I don't know exactly how many because I don't play it through Steam. It has plenty of replay value, but do yourself a favour and avoid spoilers, you'll get much more out of the game.

176 but half was probly while afk

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Too many.

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