whats new since 1.5?

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whats new since 1.5?

i've been unmotivated for awhile, the last time i was actively on the game/site was when 1.5 was released.

now i see it's at 1.11, from a modders perspective what's happened since then?

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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The biggest change since 1.05 for modding was the split XML files, which is more of a modding convenience than a new feature. The loading screen also has some more debugging and error info if problems are encountered while loading files, and several problems are handled gracefully now (extra whitespaces in data, etc.). And the loading log is copied to the clipboard when the game switches to the title screen.

The only other modding feature was the ability to make recipe scraps optional, instead of mandatory per-recipe. So modders can now have recipes that do not have paper scraps.

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