Good, Neutral, Evil: Random Encounters

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Good, Neutral, Evil: Random Encounters

I'm working on some random encounters, and I've found a set of conditions for being able to trigger good, evil and neutral encounters, and 'talks'. I'm assuming the 'talks' trigger acts as a timeout between conversations, but I don't know what these other ones do. Are they assigned randomly at chargen?

These are related to the random encounter system.

There are 3 sets of 30 random encounters in the game, 1 set each for "good," "evil," and "neutral." Furthermore, within each set there were 10 themes, so 3 encounters per theme, per alignment. Each choice the player made would count as good, evil, or neutral, and would be kept track of in the game.

The idea was that player could only see the neutral 30 at game start, and if the player tended to respond with "good" choices, they'd start seeing the "good" encounters instead of "neutral." Ditto for the "bad." These conditions you're speaking of were meant to control which group random encounters could be triggered.

So they're assigned over time as players interact with random encounters. It behaves a lot like an invisible stat bar (i.e. hard-coded to remove neutral and add evil if stat bar gets "low," and vice versa).

And yeah, the "can trigger talks" condition is a flag that's set to tell the game a creature has accepted offer to talk, and should start a conversation encounter. See battlemove ID 50.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Cool, thanks for explaining that.