Is it possible to add hotkeys to add stuff and items, through modding?

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Is it possible to add hotkeys to add stuff and items, through modding?

I've been following and playing NS for quite some time. And some time back, i added Daniel on steam, and have occasionally talked with him since. Really nice fella.

Aaaand, it wasn't long before i kept begging him to add some cheats or whatever, because i'm such a dirty little cheater.

And incredibly enough, he succumbed to my begging, and added a hotkey (ctrl+shift+Z) that would spawn a random pile of guns and ammo on the ground. I mean, what a bro! I sure loved this feature alot.

However, when it went live as 1.0 on steam, he removed this function, understandably enough.

So i have for some time been wondering about this. Is adding a hotkey through modding, that could do the same as before, as to just spawn stuff, possible? Or is it only something that can only be hardcoded in and out of the game, when writing and compiling game builds?

(And yes, i'm fully aware of the cheat mod, but find it very bothersome to use)

You cannot really change or add keys to the game. In fact, you cannot even rebind the ones that are already there. Hip-hip hooray for the Flash and it's drawbacks!

You can however, use mods, to do what you want to have. There is even one especially for you - Big Bad Cheater

It was not updated in a while, but still worked, the last time I checked.

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