Creating New Items

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Creating New Items

Hello everyone! I am VERY new to modding this game, and i was wondering about where and how to start creating a new item for the game? I would appreciate any help!

Hey JDark! Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation for a while, and hadn't caught-up on modding forums yet.

The easiest way to mod a new item would be to check out the included sample mod in the game's folder. The _readme.txt explains a bit about how the system works, and how to enable "SampleMod." And SampleMod just adds a new plastic bag item to the ground at the cryo facility where you start, so it's easy to see your created item right at the game's start.

The best way to proceed is to probably get that mod running, and then start tweaking the sample item, or copying and tweaking the copy.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games