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This mod is essentially a cheater's paradise. It adds:
-NEO Scav Extended
-Big Bad Cheater
-Banjo's Teleport Mod
*All credit to original authors.

Note that you must first download the mod's listed above.

Download the merge here

how does one install this merge?

tig ol' biddys

While I no longer use the Teleport because of incompatibility with current version, I want to use BBC along NSE.

But somehow only one of them appears to be working. If I write BBC first in the getmods.php, only NSE works. If I write NSE first, then only BBC works.

Can someone enlighten me?

your PHP should look like this:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Spends 2 weeks on 1 save, gets beaten to death by a bunch of Melonheads

I tried using that, but it still did not work. Does getimages.php need to be changed too?


No... The problem is in the mod files...
BBC overwrites NSE's "skills and traits selection lists" when loaded for last. So will do NSE if BBC was loaded first.

That's it... Don't even dare to question why it's full of human meat... just lemme go through.

Could they possibly be used together, then?