The Survivor : I Don't Know My Name.. (Read it or not)

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The Survivor : I Don't Know My Name.. (Read it or not)

I wake up on the lab,I see something on the shadows i can't see what it is,i hear howling in distants,i'm scared,i don't know what to do, but to hide under the tablet and waiting,and i see a human feet, it's not just a human feet its a wolf feet,and i wait until the creature is gone,and go out on the table,and i search the lab,all i see is dead people,i forgot my name,i don't know who i'm i or where i came from,all i know that i was wake up on the lab,and i see a computer it's still On,i use the computer and search my name,i look my serial number,but i did not see it,and i look every where,and searching anything,and i see a security guard breathing and scared,the guard aiming on me and i raise my hands,and i said "Who i'm i?" and the guard said "you don't know it?"and i said "No" and the guard said "Well.. looks like your one of the experiments"and i said "Expiremnt?"and the guard said "your subject #4100 codename "Zero" your the one who fight like a soldier"and i said "i'm subject #4100?" and the guard said "just call yourself "Zero" for short name"and i said "Ok.."and the guard gave his Pistol and said "here take this gun for your own protection,and also look at the console to see the Expirements and what are the creatures you see and be carefull" and i look at the console,after looking and i see my codename the console.. it says "Subject #4100 Codename:Zero Description:This subject has good strength and fast senses this subject is the most perfect subject"and i turn off the console and look for exit and i see a broken window and i jump off..

To be continue.....

If you like this story there will be a next chapter.

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