A Coumpound Bow or a Hunting Rifle ?

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A Coumpound Bow or a Hunting Rifle ?

I am with a new save , and i have Compound Bow , 5 arrows . But i founded a hunting rifle , and i cannot put a strap in the hunting rifle , i already have a crowbar , and the crowbar is more important than a rifle , what a choose ?

Unless you've got ammo to go with that rifle it's just vendor trash, keep the bow cause it'll keep you alive more than a rifle with no bullets will.

You can craft arrows, you can't craft rifle rounds. Keep the bow and crowbar on hand, stash or sell the rifle. Shotguns are better "oh ****" weapons anyway in my experience.

Stash that gun 'till you can sell it or collect ammo for it! There is no limit to the number of camp sites you can make so just keep squirreling away anything of value.

If you have the Ranged trait you can craft arrows. and even if you don't you can get arrows every day from the ATN trader. Bullets are rarer, and much more expensive.

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Sir you do know you could just put the stap on the crowbar and carry the rifle to the srapyard and sell it right? and i do recomend the bow simply because the ammo is very common.

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Rifle is much better than bow. You don't have to carry around junk (paper, glass shards, strings), spend half of the night creating arrows. I always stash the rifle at home and start to use it once I have at least 2 full mags. The compound bow is great in keeping you alive in the meantime while you find enough bullets to use in firearm. Rifle is just slightly more effective than compound bow but this is difference between life and death.e.g.:
You will survive dogman ambush at night with fully loaded rifle, with bow you have to be lucky to survive.
With rifle you can win a gunfight, with bow you'll croak if enemy have enough ammo.
And then there's one more thing.. weaker bad muthas avoid you if you have rifle so you don't even have to fight.