Thank goodness for guards

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Thank goodness for guards

I was just in the DMC sprawl, and was heading outside it to get some water from a nearby lake. Right as I get back next to the sprawl, and bad motha comes and attacks me. I didn't have my crowbar equipped, and couldn't access my inventory. So I was fighting this guy with nothing but my fists, and he had a multitool. So, I start trying to dodge him, and sneak a few hits in, when he knocks me unconcious. And here I am, thinking "oh god, I'm going to die now, after all that effort..." and it says he ditches my vehicle, and retreats from me. I'm confused as heck when I wake up, and grab my cart, starting to bandage myself up. I move to the market, buy and sell, then go back into the sprawl. Then he comes back. This time I re-equipped my crowbar, but I'm still worried. I'm in massive amounts of pain, and such. Then, out of nowhere, a guard comes, and starts to shoot the guy up. I'm just dodging like heck, as the guard takes potshots at the guy until he dies. I offer to talk to the guard, but he sneaky retreats from the dead guy, and here I am, stuck with a body next to me. I take his stuff and sell it, and go take a nap in my car.

Thank goodness for guards, right?

And then I almost died of sepsis D: but lucky me, they were selling a nanorobot suspension kit with two charges, and I used one...currently in recovery.