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Forest and Botany ...

Hello ! I am very good in this game ... but one thing is very difficult to understand !

When I have the ability Botany I always go to the forest, I found fruits, mushrooms, ok with that. But when I found water, I drink without boiling it, and never have been poisoned with this water " of the forest" with Botany skill, but when I was with other skills and without Botany, I was always poisoned with that shit water, Botany help find "good" water?

Botany makes no difference to the water you find. It just happened. Maybe because you had botany you ate many berries, so you were less thirsty and drunk less water. Drinking less water = less chances of drinking bad water. ;) Or it was simply just luck.

Drinking unknown water is always a coin tosh, you never know what you will get - with two exceptions:

1) Water from the Great Black Swamp is always poisonous (and is bad for you even after it is boiled).
2) Water from rivers has higher chances of being clean, compared to water from lakes, swamps, or anything randomly found during scavenging.

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This is somewhat unrelated, but in my most recent character (still alive!) I was making my way to the DMC, and I couldn't find anything to boil water in, and was dieing of thirst. I happened to find a grasslands with water (forgot what the game named it), and I drank about 20 droplets of water (I figured, might as well die with slacked thirst, if I'm going to die of cholera) but now about 3-4 days later in the DMC he has no symptoms, nothing. All of my health bars are maxed, too.

Did I just get very lucky, or did I just manage to fight off any contaminates in the water? Again, drank enough to go from about 1/3 hydration to full....twice.

You got lucky, one way or another. Keep in mind that even after you drink contaminated water (not poisoned, just contaminated), you will still only get sick a percentage of the times. And yes, the percentage is relatively high, but there's always a margin for good ol' RNG. So the game will do its calculations when determining what sort of water you find (like I said, rivers vs the Black Swamp are a good example) and then it will make its calculations when determining whether you were contaminated or not and how soon you will die. ;)

So you passed both checks. Congrats you just beat the odds. XD For what it's worth, I may have done it too in your place, but that doesn't make it any less of a coin tosh.

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I should buy a lotto ticket!

But now I'm currently dieing/recovering from sepsis. Irony, that. Miss one infection to get another. I'm going to take whiskey with me from now on.

On-topic, would the medic trait change the chance of infection from the water?

I assure you you can become sick from drinking any water you find in the botany, and if you assume it is always safe it shall kill you one day.

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When you "use" a lake to aquire water, it normally makes four stacks.
Theres two stacks of two droplets of water and two stacks of one droplet of water.

I always figure that the stacks of one droplet are poisonous, as bottled water stacks up to two and I can't seem to stack these "Pronounced poisonous" droplets!

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The "dirty" water stacks with other "dirty" ones. So you may, in fact, receive 5 droplets of bad water and a single clean one. Or any other combination, really ;)

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Doesn't the Tough Trait reduce chances of getting sick from water?


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Only in the sense that it improves your base immunity stat, so that you're more likely to resist/fight off infections and diseases. It's still a russian roulette though, so don't count on it.

P.S. Welcome back. ;)

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10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Guys, it's not difficult at all to get a soup can in Detroit and just boil water with it :D