Cryo lighting OFF switch

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Cryo lighting OFF switch

It seems to affect concealment- is there any way to switch it off?

-Hm, besides dismantling it?

Nope. Seems all light switches magically disappeared from Dan's universe and funnily enough I hadn't even wondered about them till you mentioned it. XD It's a neat little idea, I wonder if it could be modded into the game. Not that it'd be used all that much, but still, fun. :)

Did you actually see a concealment drop at Cryo after repairing the lighting though? Or are you assuming there should be one? I have never noticed that myself, and I think I probably would have by now.

Interesting question either way, I don't think it ever came up before.

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it can be modded into the game. NSE has an option in the right click menu for lights to turn them on/off.

It actually does rise the visibility level of the campsite by 15%. For comparison, small campfire does by 12.5% and medium campfire by 50%. Unlike the campfires, however, the electric lighting does not produce any scent (chance for creatures to detect you, even without seeing you).

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