Merging Extended NeoScav and Skill Training (+ MmMoD)

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Merging Extended NeoScav and Skill Training (+ MmMoD)

I would like to know firstly: Since i haven't seen anything mentioning it, if it's possible to merge Extended NeoScav with MmMoD? since i didn't see nothing about it i guess it's impossible to merge lists, but i would like a confirmation..
Second, is it possible to merge Extended NeoScav and Skill Training? If so could anyone give me some help, since i'm new to this game and i absolutely don't know how to mod or merge this game.. Thanks in advance :)

MmoD and Extended NeoScav don't work together as you assume. They both change too many of the same things, and even if someone undertook the daunting task, the result would be a very unbalanced game.

I haven't played the Skill Training mod in a while, but since both this and Extended NeoScav meddle with the skill system of the vanilla game, it doesn't sound like they would make an easy merge. But I can't say that with certainty. If you wonna give it a try anyway, there are explanations and links on how merging mods work in the FAQ (link below).

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

After figuring out how to merge mods (well it took a lil bit but once you understand it it's quite simple), and i can say after about 20 hours that NSE, Shouldered, classic skill selection and skill training run along quite well, no errors or malfunctions

hey i want to make a merging tutorial and i'd like some pointers on where you got stuck and what your initial hurdles were so that i know what to address

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Thanks for reporting back, appreciated! Also good to know it works. :)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
10 Ways (not) to Die - A beginner's guide

Had anyone finished any of these merges
I downloaded mini this morning for neo(not sure how to tell if it's working i extracted through steam/steamapps/neo scavenger no crashing yet).
I would love to have neo extended along with the mini mod, I know this game seems have to have fallen through the cracks and most the mods in the compact list are far out of date.
If some has merged these two or merged them and added others other then extended and mini could you share a link.
Sounds dumb but this game was one of the reasons I built a computer after i played it at my brothers, along with a nice handful of others. I just want to know if this game is still alive and what mods are out there still, what ones have been merged, what new ones are around

I already have the mini mod v.999 extracted into my game file for info along with how do i know it's working.

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Man I wish the Skill Training mod had gotten updated. So many possibilites for quests and new reputations

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