Banjo's Mods (Fishing, Teleport, Shouldered, etc)

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Banjo's Mods (Fishing, Teleport, Shouldered, etc)

Sorry for being away for a while. Had to deal with "real life" stuff and it's kept me both offline and from playing NeoScavenger for a bit! :(

Anyway, hoping to *finally* update my mods but since I haven't played for awhile, I'd appreciate a brief heads up on which ones are most in need of updating (i.e. don't work with the latest updates; like I said, haven't played NeoScavenger in a couple of months so not sure if anything has been changed) and also if there are any new big mods that they'd need to be made cross-compatible with.

Cheers, and thanks to all those who've been waiting patiently for updates! I can't promise it'll be super fast (already got a huge workload for the rest of this week) but will do my best to get them fixed as long as people are still using or wanting to use them.


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I really enjoy your Fishing mod, but it's been causing issues with NSE lately so that'd be my first request :)

Something else to keep in mind, in case you missed the v1.1 patch notes, is that the game now supports split XML files. So if you want to use this clean-up pass as an opportunity to split your neogame.xml, it might help with your future maintenance. (I.e. smaller files to search through for changes)

It should still work if you decide to keep it in the neogame.xml file, however. Let me know if you have trouble either way!

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