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My player was a medic, athlete, electrician, trapper, botanist, and tracker. He lived a pretty isolated life at first, never encountered any humanoid NPC's, all he did was gather sticks, berries, mushrooms, and he would bring them back to the Cryo Facility, among which he lived.

One day, he awoke and headed north, where he finally discovered people in a restaurant called Zom Zom's, where he was asked information and in return given good loot. He found a plastic sled to carry his items, a tool box (my game is modded), and many other goodies he could bring back home with him... But now, he felt ready to take on his first journey.

He went back to his home, grabbed his mummy sleeping bag and other excess loot, and took all of it with him, heading northeast. On his way, he found a map that told him where Detroit was. He didn't think much of it at the time, but he noted to himself that Detroit would be his next destination.

He arrived at the ATN, and talked to Michelle. Afterwards, he got Joe to clean his wounds and he sat down and ate for the first time in forever. By now, he has already defended himself from one hostile, slowly becoming adept at fighting. He carries a sling and a bat by his sides.

His next stop was Detroit, a long and eventful journey. He went straight east, trying to stay on the outskirts of trouble, due to there being feral dogs on the loose. One afternoon, he came across a strange man, wearing a blue sash and a hospital gown like himself. Although my player was wearing much more to protect himself from the extreme cold of night, it was strange that this man wasn't.
He carried a hunting rifle with him, and fired at my player. He scraped a huge gash in my player's shoulder. Recovering from the pain, my character took cover and slung pebbles at him. Next, he found a nice, round stone and hit the cultist straight in the forehead, causing him to fall unconscious. To end his hunt for people, my player stomped on him until the man was dead.

He had nothing good except the rifle. My player had no room for it, and it carried no more ammo, so he hid it in a building to come back to sometime. By this time, my player was tired, and needed to rest. He found a shack in the woods to sleep in for the night, and made it warm and toasty with a medium fire. He discovered that the larger fire was the only way for him to boil his water, since it was much warmer than a small campfire.

He fell asleep, and was approached during the night. A shadowed figure lurked in, holding a pistol in his hand. He gave a serious blow to my character, and he awoke immediately. He scrambled up off the cold, concrete floor straight out of his mummy sleeping bag. The man was now visible in the light of the fire. He had a blue-ish tint and somewhat acted sickly, but the man was very active, and ready to whip you once more with his pistol. This time, my character parried, and slammed his newly-bought Anishinaabe war club across the man's face. The man ran away, and my character took cover. It wasn't over yet. My character took more pebbles and stones, and shot them across at the man, who turned around and charged back. He was hurt by the pebbles, and finally a stone knocked him cold out. My character did the same routine of beating him to death to end his miserable life.

My character searched the corpse thoroughly, and found nothing of interest. He went back to bed and fell asleep. The next day he packed up, and grabbed his sled. He passed the rotting corpse of the man, trying not to think much about it.

My player did some final touches, he boiled some rags and made tannin tea, since he was coming down with a cold or something.

He came across a strange lake, a hidden lake... So he walked inside. Immediately, he felt the presence of a ghostly figure. He walked upstairs, and saw a silver urn. He thought it might be worth alot, so he took it, and turned around. Dead corpses everywhere. He ran out, scared, and continued his journey to the DMC.

Finally, DMC came into view! He went up to the gate, astonished by all the activity here and things to do in the Sprawl. But whenever he reached the end, he wasn't allowed in. Disappointed, he walked away, to see a man named Hatter. Hatter told him about a silver urn in the Hidden Lake.

"Oh, you mean this?" My character said, holding it out. The deal was sealed, and my player was given the DMC wristband. Inside, there was so much to do. My character visited the C-Store, bought a few batteries for his medium "Sparker", went to eat at the Red Gnome, and went to the Haggerty Health Clinic. He did the full-diagnostic check up...

Blue Rot 2. He found out he had blue rot, and he thought it was the end. But it wasn't over yet! My character planned to go back to the ATN Enclave, go to Joe, and chew one of his bear roots. This would definitely help treat his disease, it was better than nothing. My character was poor and didn't have good medication. So, he left the DMC and hurried to the ATN. He ran into a dogman his first night, and ran so much that he became extremely weary, and passed out later on. During this time, his poor plastic sled fell apart, and he was unable to carry all his goods. After awaking, he made a torch, and continued on in the dark of his second night.

"It's not over yet. It's not over yet." My character thought. Having blue rot wasn't fun. His immune system began to get weaker, and he became dehydrated. He had to stop once more to boil water to drink, and continued on, eating berries and mushrooms to satisfy his stomach.

Finally.. The ATN Enclave! He was led inside, and finally got his chance to chew the bear root....

But it was no use. Stage 3 was in effect, and he developed blue buboes. He began to experience great pain and misery.

He finally decided it would be best to die where he made his living... The Gyges Cryo Facility..

He slowly walked back to the Gyges Cryo Facility, and picked up a few things on his way.

He walked inside, a tear rolled down his cheek, and he laid down with his mummy sleeping bag.

"I'm home.." He said, as he drifted to sleep.

He never woke up the next day. He died, and raiders found his corpse, laying in his sleeping bag as if he was just sleeping. In one hand, he held a baseball bat, in the other, he held his sling.

Beside him, laid sticks, berries, and mushrooms. May he rest in peace where he lived for the majority of his life.

- Hunter

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