a couple of skill ideas

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a couple of skill ideas


pros: can make clothes like pants and other things. gives more rags and string when destroying clothes. allows you to sew bigger pockets to pants and sew pockets onto clothes which normally dont have pockets. can also make blankets.

Cons: cant think of anything cause of how useful it would be. probably cost alot of points


pros: allows shelters that are more complex and give better protection than just tarp lean-tos. and can make catapults.

cons: very time consuming and you would need all the right peices


pros: can form parties of up to 2 other people that follow you together. you can use your party member's skills

cons: have to solve party conflicts and you have to be careful with who you recruit. member's could backstab you or just be dramatic. they could take your stuff in the night and leave. or they could be secret slavers and sell you into slavery. you have to move as fast as your slowest party member. if they dont like you they will either try to kill you, leave, or mutinize.


pros: gives hidden dialogue options

cons: can backfire, not alot of uses

counter skill: buffoon


note: not atheletic but quick to react and notice things.

pros: increases safety when scavenging buildings. works as it would work for trapping in event screens. allows sidestep in combat which allows you to dodge without moving and gives you leverage over the enemy.

cons: cant think of any.

counter skill: slow