Modding on Mac (on Steam)

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Modding on Mac (on Steam)

Ok so I am a big fan of the game and have played it throughly as is. However I would love to play with mods. As I am playing on a mac, and on steam, I have no idea how to do so.

I have read about "accessing the games files" but from what i can tell, the game is in an ".app" not a editable file...

Any ideas of what I can do?

Can't you just open the ".app" like a folder?

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I know nothing about Macs, but I think I remember Mac users who played with mods, so this should be possible, I think. In Windows when you go to your Steam library, find NEO Scavenger, right click, Properties, Local Files, Browse Local Files, you land inside the game files. If that also works in Macs, then that's the folder you need to copy a mod into. Let us know if this helped at all, if not, I'm sure we can find someone less ignorant than me to help you out. ;)

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Yeah, Macs work pretty much like Windows in this regard. All the files are still exposed/editable just like on Windows, except Macs have a where Windows would have a NEOScavenger.exe.

The trick is to just find the path to where the game's files are. For Steam, you should be able to go to your Library, right-click on NEO Scavenger in the list, and choose "Properties." Then, in the window that opens, click the "Local Files" tab. You should be able to "Browse Local Files" from there.

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Thank you!

Ok *now* I'll be able to figure the rest of this "modding" business!