The Blue Death Pt. 1

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The Blue Death Pt. 1

Once upon a Neo Scavenger a man who had strength was athletic tough and electrician seemed to be utterly unstoppable. That was until one fateful day:

*crack* Went the skull of of a blue frog.
"Yes!!" yelled Phillip as he had just broken his one hit K.O streak " I bet if I let this loot here maybe more of them will show up" and so he did. Twas not four minutes later when a DMC guard came to patrol. Phillip however was none the wiser for he had not been watching the other area's. The guard immediately raised his hand and shouted
"Hey! Over hear!" Phillip turned his head. He then thought of a devilish plan. and began to sprint at the guard. The guard at first just waited, then caught wind of what the man was up to. He quickly fired three rounds two hit. Phillip who was stunned for was but a few seconds the proceeded to run up yell in unbridled fury and repeatedly bash the guard's upper body.
"AHAHAHAHA, YOU THOUGHT YOU KILL ME WITH A GUN? REALLY? I'VE KILLED OVER SEVEN DOGMEN!!" Phillip shouted with ecstatic glee. He then began to look at the spoils of war when he then felt his hand. He could not move it. Then he realized his bag containing his medical supplies was on the ground. He quickly used a nanobot kit to heal his wound as well as sterilize and bandage another. After the incident He claimed his prize: Body Armour new clothes shoes and snazzy new gloves.
"S**t, another" Phillip said "I can't take another just another hour or two" So he waited. "Now, TIME TO KICK SOME A**!!!" He charged and screamed the other guard who simply ran away not even standing his ground. "SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!" Phillip yelled in an ungodly tone. The man died in a cowardly attempt to run. "Finally, I have the muscles and the ammo to take on the world" Phillip was truly unstoppable no physical force could kill him and over the days Blue Frogs bad Muthas and looters all went for the loot. "1...2...3, three Blue Frogs five Bad Muthas and six looters." *Cough* "Well time to leave for the enclave." It was but five hours later when phillips bag broke." F**K!!,MAH MEDS!! D**M, D**M, D**M, D**M, D**M!!" He quickly tried to fit every thing he could into his small back pack. "Its not enough" I'll take the bullets and my- Oh my god!!" he then realized Blue unsightly boils on his body "Oh my god I am done, The enclave is another two days!!" Low on water and food Phillip rushed to village. *Cough Cough* "Joe...*cough* You gotta help me!"
"Okay, calm down. We can fix this. Just take this root and tea. After you stay in the lodge for a while, Okay? Everything is fine" He replied so calm and caring like that Phillip was immediately pacified.
"... Okay Doc. maybe I will"
"Just try to get some more bear root and tea this is all I can spare for now." He said. With that Phillip took treatment and went to the trade center.
"All the bear root, tea water and food you have."
"Will that be all sir?"
"Is that .45? I'll take that to."
"Here, I'll be back later tonight so stay open if you can." Philip then camped outside for he did not want to expose the tribe to his disease. For the next twelve hours phillip battled the disease with rest, white pills, tea, and root." Crap only one more, can I just make it with tea and amoxe-Amoxi- what ever these pills a- C'MON!!" Just then a dogman leader came from the east. Phillip not wanting to fight hid, but it proved futile. The wolf man had spotted him and was now charging the weakened hulk of a man. "Hmph" Phillip dodged and parried the dogman. "AHHHHHHH!" *CRUNCH*. Silence came across the field. What came out was a massive creature black as night.

Hey guys like my story comment your suggestions and opinions Part 2 will come. However tis a short tale MWHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

-Thanks for reading!

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