Poison,booby traps, and sleep aids

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Poison,booby traps, and sleep aids

I've been playing a TON of Neo Scavenger and the Neo Scav extended mod, and here are some ideas I had to be added to some mod (looking at you Neo Scav extended ;) ):

Making things out of poisonous mushrooms and berries, I mean they serve no purpose in the game besides tricking players who don't have the botany skill (yeah yeah I know there's another post about poisons but it's from last year):
-Using botany, you could make a poison out of ground-up and boiled Deathcap mushrooms to coat bladed/pointed weapons (spears, arrows, machetes) with, which would induce the same symptoms as eating the mushrooms in anyone scratched by a poisoned weapon, ensuring you finish off an enemy who would've normally only gotten away with a scratch
-You could also use it on lures baited with meat or berries to attract and kill nearby deer or dogmen, maybe even Melonheads if they're dumb enough, unfortunately the meat from anything killed with poison would probably be inedible
-Also, the red poisonous berries (Holly) induce vomitting when eaten, so they could be grounded up to make a ghetto Ipecac, to make your character vomit up any spoiled meat or poisonous berries/mushrooms or unboiled water they might've consumed

Crushing up and dissolving painkillers in water for a poor man's sleep aid, it'd be less effective than sleeping pills, but still better than nothing when you're miles from the DMC and an insomniac.

Anyone who's tried to stake out a claim in Exam Room 17 knows eventually the area is swarmed with Bad Muthas and other enemies, while not being necessarily deadly, are still a mild annoyance-- and you can't personally go out and stab them all to death before they nick all your stuff, in order to defend a campsite, you need an effective area denial trap. Here's some possible ideas I had:

-Punji stakes (sharpened sticks in a pit) -> Possibly lethal
-Caltrops (Small parts & glass twisted into little spiky balls) -> Does damage to feet
-A gun attached to a tripwire (self-explanatory) -> Possibly lethal
-An IED (A can filled with bullets, small parts/pebbles for shrapnel and a lighter, with some way to set it off) -> possibly lethal
-A larger scale snare for big game such as deer or dogmen baited with meat or berries (Either lethal or incapacitating depending on whether or not it's poisoned)
-A dogman trapped in a pit (self-explanatory) -> possibly lethal

Tell me what you think.