New Places and character suggestions.

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New Places and character suggestions.

I have a few thoughts on places and encounters and some expansions on the existing things there already that could take place around the DMC.

First suggestion: A Doctor outside the Sprawl who is a morbid sight. He is all heart with his efforts, but he has no real clue on what hes doing, compounded by the fact that his refugee tent like infirmary has rubbish bins full of old organs and limbs stuffed in them. He will heal you, but theres a chance of getting any of the nasty infections from his quarters. He will also sell you unidentified meds.Having Medicine skill will give you the ability to work with him for a bit and help with diagnosing patents.

Second idea: A Book shop or Library. In this dark unpopulated and quiet facility you have a strange woman with thick glasses, and no concept of personal space who will if you encountered the ATN Enclave mentions a little bit of info on the New Earth Ostracon, and will buy any and all reading material and offer some dialog about it, particularly with the stuff found in the mega wrath realm.

Third Idea: A pub. How do people on the inside pass time after work? if not by eating track rabbit kebabs and blotting out the world around them with iSlabs and Pocket galexys, then they are probably meeting up with colleges at the pub and getting drunk, trying to forget the madness of the world. This could be the platform of some non story related quests that gets Philip exploring and hoofing it across Michigan. It could even explain why we cant accesses core. a bar could apply to both sides of the wall, though the one outside is spendy.