Forest Shacks madness

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Forest Shacks madness

I noticed that forest shacks are now in an astonishingly big number when you scavenge. Before the current updates, you were lucky if you found 2 shacks in an hex. But now? I commonly see 2-4 shacks in an hex and sometimes it goes to 5, just like in this picture:

Forest shacks are the most giving scavenging places: They give A LOT of stuff, with very high safety. It's fun to see a lot, but it kinda makes it way too easy. I mean, in those 5 shacks in the picture, I got 15 pistol ammo, 7 antibiotic pills, 3 crowbars, 2 medkits with clean bandages and painkillers and a rifle.

The amount of shacks you get in an hex should be decreased, in my opinion.

I do not use any mods, and I didn't change any value in the neogame.xml

Was there an error during coding or are shacks meant to be that plentiful?

2 right foot shoes? Godamnit...

I like to pretend I somehow stumbled on a campground.

That image looks hilarious. Like you stumbled across a small Ewok forest village.

Meanwhile I have yet to find more than *one* hidden shack per tile!