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Time of day, date

I noticed the game seemingly randomly will show the time of day and the date when you mouse over the top right weather icon. I thought at first this was an update to the game, but then it went away. Can anyone provide more information about this? Also, forgive my question, but is the game a finished product or a work in progress?

The game is already finished - it is since December, actually.

And about time - the exact hour/date is (should be, at least) visible, if player has a device capable of showing time on him. So if you have a phone, tablet or a laptop and turn it on, the time and date will become visible.

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I've noticed that powered down Islabs (even with no charge or battery in them) will allow you to view the Date and Time if they are in your inventory, although that is quite a bit of space to dedicate to viewing the time and date. Perhaps they would be okay stuffed inside major camps if you have a need to keep a eye on the date/time.

Or mayhaps if we search really long and hard we shall find a watch version of the Islab. It would make the almost useless wrist slot more useful.

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