Air Filters!

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Air Filters!

The title says it all! As much as I'd love to spelunk the toxic death-swamp, I don't want to spend the rest of the game with my character vomiting and passing out.

Is there a reliable way to get more air filters? Or perhaps a way to refresh used ones?

Only reliable way to get them is to hang around saginaw nutshouse and hunt Blue frog preachers. From my experience one out of 3 maybe 4 has gasmask with working filters. Whack them from the distance and wear a rag wraped araund your face as they can infect you with blue rot if you get too close.
But there's another way to loot the swamp. You can just raid them from the edge. Go to the nearest hex of the swamp when you have 5ap, enter swamp (-2ap) scavenge up to 2 sites at the hex (-1/2ap), than go back outside (-1ap) you only get defoliant e. s. If you stay in the swamp when the turn is ending.I always get good loot doing this. Once i even found crash with painkillers worth 3000$

Yeah cultists are your best bet, but it's still a poor bet to make. I can never find enough air filters to keep a gas mask useful.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to refill a spent filter.

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Thanks guys! I've done the edge looting trick (I put on and remove a barely-working air filter just in case), but I kept help but think there must be something interesting at the back of the swamp. I've tried to poach the BFPreachers for a while, but I only find ones with spent cartridges. Thanks for the tips!