Main map at night time.

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Main map at night time.

I really dislike not being able to see any tiles during night(except for those with light) is there any mod or tweak that allows them to be seen as during day, just with the *fog of war*? Also is the zoomed=out mini map of any use, I mean the tiles are so tiny that my eyes hurt if I try to travel at night using it.

There is already an in-game way to solve the problem: Night Vision. You get night vision either by getting the eye augmentation surgery at the DMC Clinic or by using the (admittedly very rare) Night Vision goggles, provided you also have batteries and electricity to power them.

So if you want to start off all games with Night Vision, that should be easily modable (in theory - I'm no modder). I'm trying to remember whether the BigBadCheater mod allows you to get Night Vision at skill selection, but I don't really know, you may wonna check that out anyway.

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I don't know if any mods do what you're asking, but it'd be a pretty easy tweak to do if you wanted. The values you're looking for are in the neogame.xml's "hextypes" table.

Basically, each hex has a "vLightLevels" property, which controls light levels at various times of day for each hex. E.g. a forest looks like this:

<column name="vLightLevels">0.25,1.0,1.0,1.0,0.25,0.15</column>

and a (lit) city ruins looks like this:

<column name="vLightLevels">0.8,1.0,1.0,1.0,0.8,0.57</column>

The main difference is the low numbers near the beginning and end of the list of numbers. Those are the light levels during early morning, late evening, and night. If you changed them all to 1.0 (broad daylight), you'd get perfect lighting all the time. Just search neogame.xml for "vLightLevels" and it should be the first result you find.

You could even just edit your neogame.xml file directly and it would start working. The only problem is that it would get overwritten the next time a game update came out. To avoid this, modders usually create their own mod subfolders in the NEOScavenger/ folder. The readme.txt tells you how to do this, and there is an example mod included with the game if you need it.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for you help but you got me wrong. I don't want nor need to have as many moves as when under the condition of light. What I want is for me the player to be able to see the tiles around me when at night so I can see where I'm going, I know that the game hides the tiles in order to create the realistic situation of not knowing where you are going at night in the wilderness but I'd like an alternative. Ex. see how there are tiles of a darker shade in the lower left corner? Now see during the night all other tiles except for some are 100% hidden I'd like there to be just the darker shade that is during the day instead. I;ve made a backup of the XML and I;m trying to find out if there is anyway to do that. But it's my first time modifying anything :)) so not much hope there.

Ah, okay. I did misunderstand. Those "darker shade" hexes are controlled by the artwork, not the XML. Try opening HexSheetSummerDay.png in the NEOScavenger/img/ directory. You'll notice that the first row is bright, the second row is a darker shade, and the third row is bright again with different hex types.

The second (and fourth and sixth) rows are what you see on the map when a hex is explored but not currently visible.

Now, if you open HexSheetSummerNight.png, you'll see why the night hexes look different. In this image, all hexes in rows 2, 4, and 6 are almost black, which is why the map looks black beyond your range of sight. The exceptions are for lit building tiles.

If you want the black night hexes to be visible, you'll need to edit the image accordingly. This might seem daunting at first, but it should actually be pretty easy if you have software like Photoshop, or free image software like GIMP or Paint.NET. Basically, rows 2, 4, and 6 are just copies of the rows above them, except the brightness is reduced 50%.

The easiest way to do this is to copy the lit version of the hex, paste a copy below it (where the dark version will be). Then, either draw over it with a black brush set to 50% opacity, or add a layer of pure black over it with opacity set to 50%. You can even do whole rows at a time, to make it easier. (That's basically what I do.)

Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games