removing dogman claws and using them as weapon

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removing dogman claws and using them as weapon

i would like to remove the dogman claws using a tool(maybe a sharp one like the multitool or another else idk) and so we can craft 5 of them with 5 strings to make a new weapon:the claw (you would never expect that right?)

Pros: it would make several minor cuts each hit and can also be used to remove meat from corpses(like a dogman would do)

Cons they become dull if used too much and you need to sharp them another time with your sharp tool to use it again,if they become dull and you keep using them they will become blunt and will be useless and the strings also have chance of breaking and you need to craft it again

i dont know if that is possible but as i dont saw anything that looks like this in forum I decided to post

Fought pack of 5 dogmans,died