A possible new flaw to choose. A high risk (but also high point reward) flaw. diabetes.

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A possible new flaw to choose. A high risk (but also high point reward) flaw. diabetes.

First, I realize that it takes a lot for a 'new content' suggestion to get accepted, and I accept that. The odds of this getting integrated are slim, especially if nobody else cares about the idea. But I don't mind that. I just wanted to throw it out there.

Though A search did show that diabetes had been mentioned before, it was either a minor point, or couldn't be balanced with the old system where one flaw would automatically give one ability. but with the new system that allows for the abilities to be valued differently, where some are worth more than others combined, it may now be manageable.

Mind, this wouldn't be full on insulin dependent diabetes, but a minor/pre diabetes condition, allowing for mostly normal function, just with an added twist.

The way I can envision it working is that it forces the player to be more aware of their diet choices. Botany is currently a skill that can fully supply my food needs with berries just by migrating from forest to forest, even with the metabolism flaw chosen. But with the diabetes flaw chosen, this would prove detrimental if not fatal.

A new hidden stat would measure the frequency of sugar intake each turn and would slowly level out over the turns.(should diabetes be chosen) If it spikes too high ( 'too low' would be ignored in game mechanics for the sake of keeping it simple) the player would feel woozy, maybe lose a little move counter, possibly lose a point of vision if their natural eyes are still present.(the turn AFTER the spike hit this point that is.)

If it spikes even farther than that, then the player would go into a diabetic seizure(or just called seizure). They would lose consciousness until it passed, neither gain nor lose rest, and flop around and cause damage to themselves for a turn. This could cause bruising, cuts, or (on occasion) immediately fatal injuries. They would gain consciousness back after a small number of turns(or however many it takes to level out), but any bleeding, openings for infections or other injuries would go unchecked until they regained consciousness. This would also leave them to the mercy of enemies in the area.

This would force a player to be careful on how much they eat of certain foods at any given time. Meaning they would have to find alternative food sources from Botany's near infinite supply of berries and tread with said berries lightly. (but mushrooms don't have any significant level of sugars(or even calories I think), so they would still be fine.) This means they would need to hunt for meat or be very slow at eating berries.(and gummy bears, pop and chips etc.)

This wouldn't be an all or nothing thing as the warning bell of vision blurring or moves depleting could be used before they tread too far with the sugars. Nor would it be necessarily a game breaker as it is a 'chosen' flaw and thus is purely optional. A player could improve their odds with this by choosing the metabolism ability to help with their food needs, or add a real challenge by choosing the metabolism flaw instead to do the opposite.

I could see nanite medical kits acting in a similar way to insulin shots temporarily for this and improve the rate that the blood sugar goes back to normal/status lvl 0. This wouldn't stop the spiking or penalties there to, just improve the rate that it heals in general, reducing the frequency and severity. I could also see a possible surgery that would 'lessen' the effect by placing an aid that would do the same permanently without simply 'removing' the flaw like eye surgery does with Myopia. (but it would not have the rest of the nanite kit's perks, nor would it stack with the kit's temporary perk)

I think this kind of flaw would be manageable with practice, but still unstable enough for unexpected things to have it complicate a situation significantly even for an experienced player. As such, should it be considered for actual integration, I feel it should have a stat point value comparable to the 'Strong' ability. Though it's just a suggestion.

I think the flaw metabolism should have been renamed Diabetes. But this could be interesting game changer.