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NPC Trading

Ever get upset that some of the friendly NPCs won't give up their items without a fight? Me to. I've been thinking about it and it seems like it could be possible through the encounter screen to trade with NPCs, or at least to be able to sell things to them. This is more of an idea discussion post, rather than a straight out request.

Is is possible?

I'm no modder, but I know I've seen this discussed before as not possible, you may wonna do some digging in the forums. But from my little understanding, I think that's because the trading system in the game is hex based or something. So apart from modders creating more stores (perfectly possible) or NPCs giving the player items through encounters in specifically coded exchanges, I haven't so far heard of another system that would make actual trading with NPCs possible. I think it's a limitation of the code.

It would be nice though. I know Dan has heard the request often enough, so maybe we'll get it in a next game.

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