If there were to be a sequel

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If there were to be a sequel

First of all, I would be very happy if you kept the pixel art style of the game (My pc is horrible and slow. But can run this game smoothly) next, for the combat system, it would be nice if you added some animations in the pictures of the characters.
For example:
Player attacks - It shows an animation of the player attacking
Raider falls down - It shows an animation of a raider on the floor

Also some way to make your own group of npc's would be nice. I feel lonely in my hex :(

"I would stay away from that hex if I were you..."

What do you mean, "if".

Dan has repeatedly stated he is working on a sequel, or at least laying the groundwork for one.

I do agree that a more fluid animated style would be awesome for the sequel, tho. Far more than this, even. But the same basic style of hexes should be kept. I love the board game feel of the overworld map.

What needs to be worked on the most for the sequel is the interaction with the local environment. Clicking "scavenge" and being presented with a list is cool, but it sort of clashes with the campsite screen. The scavenging, the campsites, and the encounters (both storyline and violent) should all be done through the same screen. Scavenge a location, that gives you a campsite, which you have entered, so the "ground" inventory should change, as well, to that location. Different containers should be found in that area which you could scavenge, and possibly an enemy which you could fight. Different rooms would be available, which you could "Use" to enter. It would make the sequel truly a step above.