Traps and Defenses.

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Traps and Defenses.

I thought it was strange that ol Philp could just lure people into whatever trap he damned well pleased in combat and they would just fall over. To some degree I understand that Philip is probably exploiting the environment in the moment but this go me to thinking...

Why not give Philip the ability to make traps in the crafting menu? Traps would work in conjunction with Lure. Lure on its own would work off the Environments natural hazards and such, however, with a set up of a trap in place, the player would use lure to spring a trap, like a it fall with skewers (Trapping + Melee + sticks + sharp object) or Maybe Philp could use a Snare to catch a combatant and hang him upside down (Trapping + Course Threads + Bark/Litter) Or hell, maybe that spring trap you found on you're heel the other day unlucky in looting the locked shed can be put to good use? I could also see batterys being used in some of these with the Electricians skill + trapping.

The use of these tools can also be used to set up defenses when sleeping and stuff. However there is a draw back, the nature of these traps would require you to craft it in a majority of you're turn.

Whats your guys thoughts?

I like the idea, and it would require an engine modification to allow this kind of activity with the combat maneuvers. At this point they do not take into account anything to do with the local environment, beyond alertness (with noise traps to augment this) determining distance of initial engagement, or treacherousness of the environment factoring in how likely the opponents are to slip (which could use something to augment or mitigate this condition, such as a walking stick or hiking boots, but does not).

It would definitely help to be able to craft traps that work even in the absence of the player, for the purposes of setting up bases which are protected, as well. Booby trap the local environment to ensure your goods remain where you left them. No insta-kill traps tho, just enough to make the NPC wounded and flee.