Lansing and Mackinaw Bridge/ new locations

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Lansing and Mackinaw Bridge/ new locations

I am not a modder nor do I know how. I would though love to see a mod that adds more locations from Michigan. I live in the glove state and would love to see some extra locations that are not tied to the main story. Lansing and Mackinaw Bridge are the biggest locations that I want to see, although other local locations would also be appreciated.

some minor location suggestions:
Holland MI, A nice Dutch community close to lake Michigan.
Traverse City/sleeping bear dunes, a great vacation beach.
MSU or M College campus.
Hillsdale college, would be part way into the The Great Black Swamp,but would be a great location
Mackinac Island, An island with an old fort that doesn't allow cars.

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Could be accessed like ATN Enclave and could be a stronghold for Martha's army.

Other locations would be nice too. Thank you and

Have a great day.

ZomZom's area is supposed to be located in the ruins of Lansing, as far as I am aware.

Will have to check the rest, though. The problem is that as far as the locations go, there are literary hundreds of interesting places around. The real issue is to find something that really stands out...

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Thanks. that's why I thought Mackinac and Mackinaw would be great locations because of how unique they are. Holland has some personal attachment and I thought the dutch aspect would stand out.

thank you.

Have a great day.

Really? ZomZom's is Lansing? That's kind of a pathetic ruin for what Lansing was. I mean, it's tiny compared to Detroit, and smaller than GR but still. C'mon. I get people swamped towards Detroit (and probably GR, with the amount of unused space dedicate towards commercial purposes [and museums and other cultural things] and the collective power of the local suburbs, if they consolidated their powers it would make for a decent refugee location. In addition to it being so close to the lake) but did it really shrink that much?

Well, realistically, perhaps not; to an extent you just have to suspend your disbelief and imagine that the other randomly generated patches of ruin also contribute to population centres like Lansing. I'd love to see more points of interest on the map personally, but the area around Gyges is already relatively dense with them.

Map isn't really big enough to include anything west of Lansing though, and to add Lansing would be adding it right where the player starts. Perhaps smaller cities like Port Huron. I haven't gone very north in the game personally, so I don't know how far north the map actually goes. But the jive I get is that it's not a very large area, and to add more memorable locations (GR, Lansing, Traverse) would require an expanded map. Which I would love, but I'm not sure if its possible to make that happen. Mackinac (pronounced "mack-in-aw" for those of you who don't know) would be an interesting little location. Ignoring the Asian Carp problem that would overtake the Lakes, what few people who could live there could survive off fishing.