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Vanishing Enemies

Hi, so, I'm loving the game, really addictive and beautifully tricky. Great stuff.

But, I have a seriously annoying issue and I seem to be the only one. I've checked the forums for ages and can't find anything about this problem.

I am running the Extended mod with Shouldered mod, and after a while enemies just vanish from the map. I can see tracks appear as if people/creatures were moving there, but no enemies. The whole world becomes desolate.

Also, if I manage to wander into any encounter, it comes up as an "Unknown" and I can search for them, and search for them, and search for them, and show myself, and wait, and wait... for ever. They never become revealed and I have to run away from the fight. Even if I try to engage them again, the same thing happens, so they can effectively surprise me when I'm asleep, I can't find them to fight them, so I retreat, then they steal my camp stuff because I can't get back on that tile they've stolen from me.

It's very, very frustrating, and I can't tell if it's something to do with the mod or what. I've followed the install instructions to the letter (as far as I can tell) and I don't know what to do. It pretty much makes the game unplayable.

To clarify though, the game seems to become this way only after a while of playing, and sometimes if I exit and load up the game again it fixes itself for a short time, but something must trigger this problem because it soon busts again.

PLEASE HELP! and thanks.

I love the game and really don't want to give up on it.

First of all, please try not to post bug/issue reports in the technical section, if you are using any mods. First, check if the problem happens in the vanilla (unmodified) game.

Secondly, the problem you are describing looks like something that the Extended mod might cause - it adds, among other things, a new kind of basically invisible creatures roaming around, gathering junk. They are set to not engage on their own and even when encountered by accident will stay hidden ("Unknown") 99% of time.

If it so happens that the game only chose those dudes to spawn, players might experience a longer enemy-free periods.

If you consider it an issue (which it really sounds like - can easily see how that happening might be a kill-joy), report it to the mod creator, as he is the only person who can fix it.

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Sorry, I thought this was the right place to put it. My mistake.

I have posted in the mod forum already so hopefully I can get some answers there. I know it's not the ninja "cleaners" though, because if I run into this problem, exit and reload the game, sometimes I can see everything fine for a while and these are regular enemies, bad muthas, feral dogs, etc.

Thanks for replying anyway.

No worries, EnglishInfidel! It's just that mods can add their own layer of complexity to the game, so it's hard to tell if the bug is from my code or the mod's.

If you're seeing this in the vanilla game, definitely let me know! It's also possible that this is what we call a "null pointer" bug on the forums. Basically, the game has a "silent" crash which doesn't stop the game, but causes weird side effects later on. This can sometimes be items with the wrong name/stats, conditions getting stuck, things triggering which shouldn't be, etc.

The "null pointer" type of bug is definitely still going on, and the way you describe your bug appearing later in the game, then disappearing on restart, matches this style of bug.

The unfortunate thing is that these are almost impossible for me to find. In order for me to fix something, I need to be able to force it to happen, both to see the error, and later, to verify that it's gone. So if you notice some way to reliably make the bug happen (especially in vanilla games), do let me know!

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Thanks for your reply Dan, I have made a little progress with my problem.

With help from Chiko and layarion I think I've pinned down the issue and it seems to be with the Shouldered mod. No matter what combination of mods I try if that mod is in the selection it buggers things up. I didn't think a mod that seems so simple on the surface would cause such trouble, but there you have it... there be dragons in them there files.

Layarion is trying to help me out over in the mod forums anyway so while things aren't completely solved, I'm well on the way.

Congratulations on making a really great game, very quirky and unusual, not to mention a breath of fresh air in this day and age. Retro-futuristic!