Covardly Enfield Horror

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Covardly Enfield Horror

I noticed that Enfield Horrors always opt to run out of the combat. Is that behaviour intentional?

They seem like big three legged chickens sometimes, don't they? ;) They may attack you, but only rarely, most of the time they tend to flee or you can scare them off. However, that's not because they are weaker than you, they can be quite dangerous enemies if you do end up fighting them for one reason or another. And yes, the dev has commented before that the design was intentional, the Enfield Horrors (and their behavior) are based on this fun creature.

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I wouldn't mind scavenger omelet from Enfield egg ;) OK, thanks for the explanation. Only time I had combat with it was when it spawned in melee range during encounter and then it usually run away after first attack.

Haven't seen any eggs, but they do drop a nice pile of meat (especially when using trapping trait)

Now that's good eating!

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"Who wears short shorts?"
"We wear short shorts!"

Really? You Eat that carcass?


That's one hunk of meat that I stay away from, as the corpse looks grey-ish and unpalatable to begin with.

Although, come to think of it, I dunno why I cook and eat all the random dead squirrels I find.