Idea for horses + new skills and some other stuff.

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Idea for horses + new skills and some other stuff.

Lets start with something I really think makes sense to have in this game.
Animal Husbandry:(cost 3 points) Player can use mounts. A valid mount must meet two requirements.
A: Any domesticated animal large enough. (cow,horse, exc.
and B: have lead attached to it.

(this skill would require the addition of horses, cows,exc in the game as well as the ability to make leads using 2 Medium Non-Rigid, Non-Springy Sheet: and 1 sharp object, OR 30 Medium Thread. (breaking one down gives 15 medium thread and 5 dirty cloth)

A mount would work like any other vehicle when equipped only you would have to find a tamed animal (or buy one) and while being in the same spot as the animal you would open the crafting menu and combine it with a lead (they can be found with them already) Once done they can be equipped to the Vehicle slot.

Horses exc; differ from normal vehicles in that they can only 'store' bags. This is assumed to be because they are not naturally a container but you can attach containers to them.
Horses,cows exc would have a normal vehicle inventory that would represent the amount of wight they can hold.

Reins have a item health and when this runs out you will need to buy a new one or make one. You can push your animal with your hands but this actually slows your movement. (similar to how you can drag a broken shopping cart but it slows you)

The main drawback to using a Horse,cow,exc is that it increases your hunger and thirst a little and the bags attached to the animal lose health as they would if quipped to the player.
I was thinking that a horse or cow would have a 30 by 30 size storage area.

Careful:(cost 1 points) A person who is Careful can loot crumbling buildings much safer and have less chance to fall when running,exc.

Very Careful:(cost 2 points) A person who is Very Careful will move slower (movement spaces -1 every turn unless already. Can loot crubling buildings much safer and have less chance to fall when running,exc. Slight innate boost to finding loot do to more carefully inspecting things.

(unlockable heroic feat) Believer: (Show yourself to believe in good)"Player must show themselves to be considerably more good then evil."
Random chance in combat for the option "act by faith" to enable a guarantied success on next action. (option available in combat rarely)

Negative trait: Zealot: Player often refuses to kill any non mutant humanoid. (IE bandits, raiders, exc.) Meaning in battle with a human you will have to use any of the non-violent options until character decides that peace in not an option. This could be anywhere from 4 to 6 turns before the character decides this (in other words randomly)

Bonus is it grants the player 8 extra points to spend (the what I like to call "all or nothing crazy man option")

Gentle Face: (cost 1) Enemies and animals are less likely to flee from you regardless of health or condition.

Sartor: (cost 2) can repair / make clothing.

I have this idea but it would be a LOT of work to implement I think.

Basically anything made of a cloth, (shirts,pants,coats exc exc) can be repaired with this skill + dirty cloth(or clean) + 1 string +small parts OR other cloth including other cloths and 1 string + 1 small parts. Each Dirty Cloth (or clean) would be worth 5 health if used in crafting to repair a piece of clothing.

Using another piece of clothing (pants,shirt exc) to repair clothing will regain the same amount of health as the two pieces combined but still results in patchwork clothing.

you retain the small parts after crafting.

Repaired clothing then becomes patchwork clothing yielding the same amount of usable items when broken down as normal clothing.

Using 20 cloths (clean or dirty) + 20 medium thread + this skill = patchwork clothing.

Patchwork clothing can be used as either pants or shirts regardless of what was used to make them.

Patchwork clothing sells for $12.60 @ 100%

This skill can only be used to repair commercially available clothing. (NOT including shoes.)

Neurotic: (grants two points) Character can only sleep in cities towns villages exc. (also applies to rest and heal option, choosing this with Insomniac grants an additional point for a total of 4)

Lucky (cost 6) Find better loot more often. 10% better chance to find good loot. 3% better chance to dodge and hit. Chances to fall, trip escape exc remain the same.