lucky=delayed time between waking up and getting absolutely rekt.

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lucky=delayed time between waking up and getting absolutely rekt.

This is a real game I had;
It started with me choosing the traits tough,strong,melee and of course our beloved botany skill
I killed the dogman for the USB for reputation towards getting the legendary traits.
I head north to Zom Zom's and get the reputation towards a legendary skill, I am still in my hospital gown with flip flops and denim jeans.
After partaking in the Zom Zom's encounter, I begin travelling towards the ATN enclave. On the way I encounter a DMC Guard(What he was doing, not a clue.)Whom I attacked.
I brutally clubbed him with my crowbar I found after the Zom Zom's encounter.
He died, I got day 1 DMC guard clothing and The backpack and cardboard box from the Zom Zom's
After that I head to the ATN encalve and purchase a Warclub selling what wasn't needed, Funnily the military rifle and pistol was loaded, with 6 extra bullets for the fully loaded pistol and a fully loaded rifle.
I head to DMC, Nothing interesting occurred.
At DMC I get the watch access pass and enter DMC and get food, water and nothing else.
Upon exiting I noticed the health bar displayed 'sick'. Assessing the aid menu I found my character had the blue rot 2 from an attack encounter with an enemy on the way.
Returning to the DMC I access the hospital and get nanorobotic health treatment.
3 Days later hanging out by the last chance saloon, truly my last chance, My character makes a miraculous recovery.
Encountering a DMC patrol, I triggered the Merga wraith on the Guards whom summoned air support. The wraith got rekt and I got the 2 perks.No guards died however I made $50 easily.
Moving away from DMC I encountered a lone guard, I decided to attack him with my newfound traits, acknowledging the dangers of such an attack. I exploited his weakness and he died from a shelling from my rifle. I had made a couple thousand dollars from this.
Since I haven't played NEO scavenger since the summer of 2014, I decided to head towards Saginaw hospital, I lost almost all my loot and killed the king for a rifle. Upon returning to the DMC I encountered another guard who I gambled an attempt to kill him. He knocked me unconscious which allowed him to sneak up on me. From that he landed the killing shell.

Moral of story: Guards aren't deer, Don't treat them like bambi.

True kin

sounds like you reaped what you sowed. At least you got the wraith.

Have a great day.