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Leave for dead

When fighting an enemy, sometimes you can get lucky and knock them unconscious. This allows them to be looted. This is great, but the only way to then exit combat is to either run away (leaving the hex) or killing the enemy.

How about an option (which mobs have, too) to leave them for dead, stay in the same hex, but just close the battle screen, leaving the character free to do whatever they want. . Next round the combat could begin again, and if the enemy has regained consciousness, this could lead to "fun".

Overall, this would allow a less lethal play style to be adapted, and lead to more fun moments when an enemy ends up doing this to you.

I agree with this idea. I usually just put them out of their misery but this should be an option too. It reminds of an old move I once suggested, which was like the opposite, Feign Death.

Pew pew pew!

Why not use a Medium lenge of string on them to prevent them from fighting back for a spell, and give you a chance to get away?

Leaving for dead and feigning death are both really awesome ideas, hope these ideas get the attention they deserve.


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