Eliza and the key fob

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Eliza and the key fob

From what I can tell, clearbone valley's only accessible if you DON'T go through the trials and accusations of the bishop, as the clearbone peeps won't let you in.

Seeing as the only way to get eliza is after these trials, why does she have the items related to clearbone valley?

It's fairly annoying there's no way to gain access after the fact - no option to force it, or just find it abandoned?

"you use the key fob w/either a PC or with the smartphone she carries"(its eliases old one). don't quote me on this as I did this once and found it use less.....WAIT no "you hack the smartphone to acess the adressbook to find clearbone valley and the keyfob opens his basement lab thingy" I think....like I said "don't quote me"

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Also, as far as I can remember, you also need to be dressed up as a cultist (blue sash and gown) in order to be able to enter the Valley, in some cases.

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