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[Mod] Skill Training Mod

This mod adds Skill Training as an encounter option at the Main ATN campsite.

The thought behind this mod is to allow experienced players to create a character that starts out with only 'old world' skills like mechanic, electrician, lockpicking, and hacking. These are the skills that the player had in their 'previous' life, are not all that useful in this post-apocalyptic world. Surviving the trip north to the safety of the Anishinabe Tribe will be an epic and memorable journey. Once there, the player will be able to learn the necessary skills to help survive in this new world.

The number of training sessions required to acquire these skills will be smaller than required in real life, however I think there should be a significant time investment in acquiring skills, just as it is in real life. Please let me know whether you think the training requirements are too easy, or too tough.

This first mod release has limited training opportunities, but I will be adding more as soon as I can!!

Hope you enjoy the Mod!

Skill Training currently available:

- Melee Training: Hand-to-hand combat training is available at $200 per session and it will take 14 training sessions before the player can be considered competent in the this skill. Training can be repeated every 16 hours.

- Ranged Training: Archery training is available at $200 per session and it will take 10 training sessions before the player can be considered competent in the this skill. Training can be repeated every 16 hours.

Skills Planned:

- I plan to implement the crafting skills of Botony, Trapping, Tracking, and have them cost $100 per session, with the number of sessions needed being in the 4-8 range. Perhaps these skills will require a fetch-it quest to complete the training.

- Medic training will be similar to Melee/Ranged where it takes a while to acquire the skill.

- Athletic skill training will be available once the player has the melee and ranged skill.

- I am planning on having the Tough skill be a difficult one to acquire. The player will first need Melee Training and then can undergo training sessions to toughen him up, where he is going to be subject to physical punishment and will receive moderate wounds. The Player will also have to build up tolerance to cold by subjecting themselves to a number of hypothermic events.

- I feel that the Strong skill can only be implemented at the DMC through the use of expensive steroid treatments. Trying to get strong in real life is quite difficult, and certainly can't really be acquired in a few weeks of training. Having this skill acquisition be based on new-age medical treatments will shorten the time required to be manageable with the game.

Download the TrainingMod.zip file here:

!!!Note: You may have to start a new character in order to be able to gain the training opportunities. The game didn't seem to allow existing character to have access to the new conditions mod'ed into the game.

god and the blue frog has heard our prays about a mod like this :D

Edit: but it would be too OP in the case that we can have permanent skills for a total of $2800 seems a really low price for a permanent skill, you should rebalance it to 1000 or 1500 every class and 15 classes needed would make it really rewarding

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

I find that the cost of $200 per training session can actually be a bit steep, when you first starting out in the new world, and need to hang around the ATN area in order to get in your daily training session. If you start off with no melee and ranged skills, you need to come up with $400 a day to pay for your training. That's actually not that easy. If you wander further afield for scavenge goodies then you are delaying your training.

I agree that $2800 bucks for a skill is kinda cheap, but I think that is balanced by the time investement needed. Try the mod out, starting without melee and ranged, and let me know if it is too easy.

If you want it to be more expensive, that is a very easy change that you could make to the data file. Change the fPrice in Encounters 3011 thru 3024 for the melee cost, and Encounters 3101 - 3110 for the Ranged cost, to whatever you would like it to be.

another question is will you make a merge? or what other mods may be compatible with? because now that i have played with the NSE mod from chiko i find boring the vanilla game (but still's in the 1st place of games i like)

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

Well, I'll have to merge if it doesn't work with the other mods. This mod overrides only 4 objects of the main game, and that is the source of merge problems, so I don't anticipate problems.

welp thanks for answering :D.

good job and luck with your mod

melonhead's look inofensive but while you sleep they will try to hit you with a monkey wrench
(based on real events)

looks very interesting. but how will it work with not mutual flows (e.g. ranged training with myopia)?

Perhaps I don't understand the implications of your question, however I don't know of any interactions between the skills except between skill selection removing some trait selections at character creation.

What interaction are you concerned about?

oh sorry, i thought about ranged but it was eagle eye.))

For anyone who download version 1.1 please update to version 1.2 as this corrects a bug that adds the newly trained skill to the player SkillBox twice.

Sweet, can't wait till you flesh out the training for the other skills.

I have been holding off on implementing more skills for a few reasons.

One is that I wish for some feedback on the current training as to whether this is too much of a bother, or too easy. It is a little tedious hanging around ATN while you are training, so I'm not sure that adding to that training burden is wise.

The other concern is how to have the crafting skills (trapping, botony) be 'expensive' enough in terms of time and money, or whether I can think of some other mechanism to make these difficult enough to acquire. I had envisioned having the skill training provide basic knowledge, and then the player would have to grind these crafting skills in order to achieve competence, however I don't know how to implement this.

Yea I know how that is,I have a few ideas for all the skills, feel free to use them (listed in no particular order)

Metabolism - Available at DMC Health Clinic, large one time charge (4-6K), nano molecular rewrite of host to provide for more efficient usage of food (maybe also obtainable from many uses of nanomedical robot charges, like 6-12 maybe)

Hacking - DMC Apartments, Hacker/Spy that is willing to train you as you bring him progressively more complex electronics, maybe some cash as well (start with phone, move to smart phone, iSlab, laptop) (short training)

Medic - Available at DMC Health Clinic, medical training done similarly to your ranged and melee as they are now, cash and time

Hiding - DMC Apartments, Hacker/Spy that is willing to train you as you bring him cash, maybe some hoodies (trains you in DMC to hide in crowds and such (long time training, for kicks last training requires cardboard box, consumes on finish) (chance of a little cash from picking pockets)

Tracking - Available at The Red Gnome Diner in DMC, A bounty hunter there can teach you how to track prey, requires binoculars/scope, either consumes it or uses alot of durability, medium cash required, medium time required

Athletic - At tribal camp, I would say have it require either or of ranged and melee, not both, as that forces you into having both where as some people might just want one or the other (I myself usually just want ranged), same design at current ranged and melee, long time and money, high chances after each training for bruises on legs and feet

Strong - DMC health clinic one time large payment of 7-9k for Steroid and nutrient/nanorobot injection into muscles, after purchase very tired and sore muscles on entire body (or second method described in Tough below)

Tough - Available at Zom Zom's, off duty bouncer willing to beat the crap out of you to be toughed up, small cash required, short to medium timeframe, maybe a free very used crowbar at the end (which is what he used to beat you with).

After training for tough, avaiable training for Strong by getting into a fight club hosted at Zom Zoms (where the bouncers can fight each other for sport, and not the robots, no death expected) heavy bruising and broken bones as a result, some cash required with a chance of a positive event (little bruising and cash payout of bets placed during fight)

Trapping - Bounty Hunter at Red Gnome Diner, requires noise trap and branches and string (maybe consumes branches and string, durability damage to noise trap), medium cash required, medium time required (Chance of some pieces of small meat)

Botany - Available at tribal camp, requires medium cash payment, each training session requires a bunch of either one type of berry, and the mushroom (either poisonus or not), or 2 different ones at at time thus adding 2 more trainings (red & black berries, red & yellow, yellow & black, red & mushroom, black & mushroom, yellow & mushroom)

Lockpicking - DMC Apartments, Hacker/Spy that is willing to train you as you bring him progressively more small mechanical parts, some cash as well (medium time, medium money)

Electrician and Mechanic - Avaiable at DMC Apartments from an engineer there, When you talk to him and tell him your interested in his line of work, he'll take you to a night class for tech skills (requires nighttime, medium-high cost, medium to long time frame (prefereably medium cost with long timeframe or high cost medium timeframe)

And then as for your current training, I'd suggest melee gives you slight bruising, possible broken bone, and ranged requires sling, maybe some stones (that are consumed)

-you don't need to know combat to be athletic, remove the ranged and melee requirement.
-i know nothing about gyms and muscles, but i think you could be "noticably" stronger in a few weeks using todays knowledge of how muscles work. when i was in gym class, it didn't take long for me to go from 0 pull-ups to 10 as a real life example. i heard that your body builds muscle faster when you alternate the muslces you work each day...unless "strong" is bodybuilder strong i think a really dedicated person with the proper tools and a trainer who has knowledge of the today best techniques could accomplish more than you think
-old world skills like hacking would be wrothless, languages change, become obsolete, and getreplaced and the player even with a strong background couldn't work with the new computer languages. old phones and laptops maybe but the events in-game use current items that he needs to hack or improve so it's a mixed bag.

but it sounds interesting. would make character flaws less appealing however.

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true that athletic isn't a fighting skill, so it could be on its own

but for hacking, clearly someone is still writing crack programs for the laptops and electronics as you can find/buy them, and someone like the hatter definitely would be an information broker of sorts and would want/need access to any and all forms of electronic devices, which would still drive the need for understanding of older systems, plus you can use hacking on the DMC bank event which is a current system (post collapse), so clearly hacking skill provides not only older skills like the laptops and phones, but newer ones too in its default state.

your right, but so i am. the game just ignores my point, i only brought it up because this mod seems to be focused on what characters in this new world would learn and (like how this mod makes you learn melee and ranged). if you have to learn how to throw a 2000 year old technique known as the spear then why would you know how to hack something that could never be winged? the game ignores this logic yes i agree, but to me it seemed the mod was looking for a more lore approach so i mentioned it.

you have to remember civilization didnt end as soon as he went into the tank, so computer languagues could still develop.

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Your mod is a great idea. But it could be even better. Instead of using time and money to get new skills maybe you could use more roleplaying and missions.

For example the enclave starts the botany quest. You go to a specific tile where an event starts (like the missions or scavenging events) about extracting herbs. 50% you learn half the skill, 50% you get an infection.

Melee could be like the when you fight the robot. You take on 3 opponents and each one could injure you as you learn to fight.

Trapping could be a hunting event where you start with squirrels and end with a werewolf (cant remember what they are called) which might kill you.

Hiding could be you get hunted and if you get caught you get attacked and wounded, possibly killed.

Tough could be like a test of endurance. It starts in a sweat lodge and ends climbing a mountain where you run a serious risk of falling and dying.

Electrician could have a quest where you mess with a power tap and if you cut the wrong wire you get electrocuted.

It would take a lot of modding, but would add places to go and things to do in the game.

Hi Sputax!

Yes, I'd love to implement something like that, if I knew how!

I had thought of having the skill usage slowly build up the effectiveness of the skill, however there is currently no way to have a partial skill. You either have it or you don't, so you can't have 10 percent of a skill.

I've been spending my time during the last month or so in developing my Mod Editor, and it is just about ready for the next release. It allows you to create/edit mods by using windows that have all the data, rather than having to edit the raw XML file. I have one more feature to add and then I have to handle all the rest of the table-types in the XML database, then it will be fairly complete.

you Can have a partial skill.

lets take Melee as an example. you can't have a partial skill in the sense that most people would think, however you as a modder can create several new skills that have either part or percentage of the melee skill. think of them as tiers. at tier one skill X is applied, and skill X just happens to be a weaker form of Melee.

incase you don't know, counters can be added to conditions, and when it reaches a number you want that counter activates another condition.

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Hi Layarion, this is the response that I received from Dan way back when I was first trying to implement this:

"The bad news is that there isn't really a way to apply a partial skill
modifier. One cannot get a 10% melee skill, for example. And what's
worse, some skills like melee and ranged are hard-coded into the combat
code, so making new combat skills won't give certain to-hit bonuses.

However, there are some skill-based stats you can modify via conditions.
You could make 3 different levels of "Strong," for example. Since Strong
gives the following bonuses:


You could have weaker or strong versions of the skill, such as:




A lot of the character can be modified this way, but there are still
some hidden values. You may want to instead leave skills like Melee and
Ranged as-is, and add certain "advanced" skills for each. Those
"advanced" skills might add extra stats or modifiers where possible (new
battle moves, recipes, etc.), but having the "basic" version from the
vanilla game makes sure the old combat code works normally."

I welcome your thoughts on how to implement a partial melee skill....

like dan says, you can create a new skill that inflicts only part of the damage the melee would normally do. as a modder you aren't partially implementing the skill, instead your making a new skill that increases melee damage by 10 instead of 50. and the final moments of learning can be the skill itself.

i'm saying i see a way to do it, you just gotta accept it's not a total solution.

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Hmmm, how do you get around this?

"The bad news is that there isn't really a way to apply a partial skill
modifier. One cannot get a 10% melee skill, for example. And what's
worse, some skills like melee and ranged are hard-coded into the combat
code, so making new combat skills won't give certain to-hit bonuses."

If melee skill is hardcoded, how can you make a new skill that has partial melee skill bonus?

there isn't way around that specific bit, thats what i meant when i said it's not a total solution. however you can repurpose the mod so that the "reward" is the final stock skill. and the other skills that lead up to it are just little pick me ups until they get there.

<table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">1</column> <column name="nGroupID">91</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">1</column> <column name="strName">skill: melee tier 1</column> <column name="strDesc">you are slightly better than the average person in melee combat</column> <column name="strDescAlt"></column> <column name="nCondID">0:1</column> <column name="vImageList"></column> <column name="vSpriteList"></column> <column name="vImageUsage">0,0,0,0,0,0</column> <column name="fWeight">0</column> <column name="fMonetaryValue">0</column> <column name="fMonetaryValueAlt">0</column> <column name="fDurability">1</column> <column name="fDegradePerHour">0</column> <column name="fEquipDegradePerHour">0</column> <column name="fDegradePerUse">0</column> <column name="vDegradeTreasureIDs">0:3,0:3</column> <column name="aEquipConditions"></column> <column name="aPossessConditions">214=1</column> <column name="aUseConditions"></column> <column name="aCapacities"></column> <column name="vEquipSlots">214</column> <column name="vUseSlots"></column> <column name="bSocketLocked">0</column> <column name="vProperties">0:86</column> <column name="aContentIDs"></column> <column name="nFormatID">0:5</column> <column name="nTreasureID">0:0</column> <column name="nComponentID">0:3</column> <column name="bMirrored">0</column> <column name="nSlotDepth">0</column> <column name="strChargeProfiles"></column> <column name="aAttackModes"></column> <column name="nStackLimit">1</column> <column name="aSwitchIDs"></column> <column name="aSounds">0:cuePickup,0:cuePutdown</column> </table> <table name="conditions"> <column name="id">1</column> <column name="strName">weak melee</column> <column name="strDesc">knows a tiny bit about melee combat</column> <column name="aFieldNames">AttDmgMult</column> <column name="aModifiers">0.10</column> <column name="aEffects"></column> <column name="bFatal">0</column> <column name="vIDNext">0</column> <column name="fDuration">0</column> <column name="bPermanent">0</column> <column name="vChanceNext">0</column> <column name="bStackable">0</column> <column name="bDisplay">0</column> <column name="bDisplayOther">1</column> <column name="bDisplayGameOver">0</column> <column name="nColor">1</column> <column name="bResetTimer">1</column> <column name="bRemoveAll">0</column> <column name="bRemovePostCombat">0</column> <column name="nTransferRange">-1</column> <column name="aThresholds"></column> </table>

as an example i have provided this code. as you can see it is not the melee skill, infact i forgot to add a characteristic or two but anyway...it provides a 10% bonus to damage instead of %50. it doesn't have the hit bonus, but that hitbonus can be the reward for completing training by just handing them the skill. until they complete that journey however you can give them varients of this until then

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this is how my camouflage mod works. you can use this for your mod once you figure out the concept.

when players have a coat and tent in place they get a bonus. for this bonus to work i use a counter

both itemstypes of the tent and coat have this

<column name="aPossessConditions">11=6,11=7</column>

which applies conditions 6 and 7 when the coat is worn...7 serves no purpose other than to be a score keeper.

<table name="conditions"> <column name="id">7</column> <column name="strName">Camouflage counter</column> <column name="strDesc"></column> <column name="aFieldNames"></column> <column name="aModifiers"></column> <column name="aEffects"></column> <column name="bFatal">0</column> <column name="vIDNext">0</column> <column name="fDuration">0</column> <column name="bPermanent">0</column> <column name="vChanceNext">0</column> <column name="bStackable">0</column> <column name="bDisplay">0</column> <column name="bDisplayOther">0</column> <column name="bDisplayGameOver">0</column> <column name="nColor">2</column> <column name="bResetTimer">1</column> <column name="bRemoveAll">0</column> <column name="bRemovePostCombat">0</column> <column name="nTransferRange">-1</column> <column name="aThresholds">2=8,1=-8</column> </table>

this says that when this condition is applied two times condition 8 is then applied, the 1=-8 means condition 8 is removed when there are less than two...i might have to add 0=-8 in the future because it might not remove the condition if both the tent and coat are removed in one turn. not sure...anyway

so when a player completes an "event" like the one user suggest, you can have the event apply a condition that does nothing but keep score, and have certain conditions be applied depending on what number that score is at. as an example 1=2 could apply condition 2 when they have complete an event 1 times. then 10=3. i think (not 100% sure but reasonably sure) that you can have a condition apply a skill or add an item. so when the counter reaches 10 condition 3 will be intiated, and condition 3 will add the melee skill to the player (91.3 or id 19 in itemtypes)

yes this condition in the vanilla .xml proves it

<table name="conditions"> <column name="id">783</column> <column name="strName">Received elusive reputation</column> <column name="strDesc">&lt;us&gt; gained a legendary reputation for being elusive.</column> <column name="aFieldNames"></column> <column name="aModifiers"></column> <column name="aEffects">AddSkill=91.18</column> <column name="bFatal">0</column> <column name="vIDNext">0</column> <column name="fDuration">0</column> <column name="bPermanent">1</column> <column name="vChanceNext">0</column> <column name="bStackable">0</column> <column name="bDisplay">0</column> <column name="bDisplayOther">0</column> <column name="bDisplayGameOver">0</column> <column name="nColor">2</column> <column name="bResetTimer">0</column> <column name="bRemoveAll">0</column> <column name="bRemovePostCombat">0</column> <column name="nTransferRange">-1</column> <column name="aThresholds"></column> </table>

so you can have condition 3 AddSkill=91.3

note all of the above was a very rough example and youll have to figure out the exact details...in other words you can't just copy and paste this and get it working. you probably know this, but just in case.

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i still know next to nothing about events so i can't help you there

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Wow. That looks really complicated.

Thanks for replying, and if you want any (non coding) help let me know.

Please download and use version 1.3 as it corrects a problem where the Melee or Ranged skill can be added to the players skill box multiple times.

If you have this condition it can be corrected at the ATN Training Master. Backup your save file (just in case) and talk to the Trainer, and you will have the option to remove the trained skill. Keep doing this until all of the copies of the skill have been removed, and then talk to the Trainer again. He will Add the skill back, correctly this time (hopefully) using a condition that sets the skill and then disappears.

I think the problem with version 1.2 was that the condition that added the skill stayed with the player, and could somehow be triggered again and again, and add multiple copies of the skill to the players skill box.

I can't find the ATN trainer, I downloaded the mod, and I am in the public beta mode (because modded games crash during loading in default mode) but still cannot find the ATN trainer.

i had a similar idea just last night, perhaps for some of the more physically changing perks (like tough strong and agility) be 12000 or something as body mods in the clinic and perhaps, if you are up to it, you could make a new location in the DMC for training in the technical skills (hacking lockpicking mechanic and electrician) this has been probably my biggest niggle with the game causing me to basically cheat in skill points and enjoy it with everything. if i could buy skills it would allow me to make a really decent start to help me get to the dmc and start crowbaring gaurds until i have enough money to start upgrading myself