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I would like to know, how the cheating works in Neo Scavenger, I do know that ingame cheating without changing the gamefiles exists, for example i know by pressing some keys you get a weapon and ammunition on the ground, but the wikia no longer offers info about the cheats, i forgot the combination and now i wonder if these implemented cheats ahve been taken out of the game.

Yes, that weapon spawning function was a beta-testing feature, and had been removed from the full release. And there are no in-game cheats anymore.

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hello new to modding neo could you give me a walthrough hope its not to much to ask. thx!

well i am kind of torn apart now.
while i do want to cheat, i really like the idea of being unable to cheat in the first place, since without cheats it is most of the times a lot more entertaining and tends to lead to a more fulfilling gameplay experience.

@walrusking: Start by opening the Neoscavenger folder and looking at the readme and the Sample Mod that is provided there. There's also a pinned thread with extensive documentation in the modding forum.

@siminisim: You could always try the BigBadCheater mod when the fancy strikes you to do some cheating. ;)

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or increase $k1ll P01ntz to 49 like I do maybe.....sometimes.......never, you cant prove anything

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I increase nSkillPoints to 20. It's still a challenge, but not as outright punishing. And with a few mods which add skills, probably necessary.

In the xml you can change nskill points, but thats only the start.
if you go deeper you can provide yourself with anything you want, you only need to find it in the "itemtype" string, find the item's ngroup and nsubgroup, (just for an example im going to say a yukon pack, which has ngroup 5 and subgroup 5) then add in the probability of receiving that item and how many of them you receive.
so if I want to hack in a yukon pack i would end up with "5.5x1x1" structured like group.subgroupXchanceXamount
Then you only need to find an encounter to place that into, for example, the player's first encounter with hatter.

If you find the encounter in the xml somewhere in the "encounters" string then you will see its "ntreasure" number. find that number in "treasuretables" and just throw the yukon pack's info in with the other numbers and bam.

this method of item spawning is limited to the available space on the ground and sometimes i will give myself some basic equipment at the cryo facility and some better stuff when i get to hatter but this is pretty much cheating 101 lesson over here so have fun.
p.s you can also change the speed at which items degrade in the "itemtypes" string.

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