How can I add a skill to the players skill box

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How can I add a skill to the players skill box

I have the melee training implemented and have a condition that grants the skill, however my attempt in that condition to add the skill to the 214-player-skill area didn't work.

Here's the condition:

<table name="conditions"> <column name="id">1001</column> <column name="strName">Received melee training</column> <column name="strDesc">&lt;us&gt; has aquired the Melee skill</column> <column name="aFieldNames"></column> <column name="aModifiers"></column> <column name="aEffects">AddSkill=0:91.4,214=50</column> <column name="bFatal">0</column> <column name="vIDNext">0:0</column> <column name="fDuration">0</column> <column name="bPermanent">0</column> <column name="vChanceNext">0</column> <column name="bStackable">0</column> <column name="bDisplay">1</column> <column name="bDisplayOther">0</column> <column name="bDisplayGameOver">0</column> <column name="nColor">0</column> <column name="bResetTimer">1</column> <column name="bRemoveAll">0</column> <column name="bRemovePostCombat">0</column> <column name="nTransferRange">-1</column> <column name="aThresholds"></column> </table>

The aEffects of 214=50 doesn't work I guess. So how do I add to the 214 area?

I think you need to change:

<column name="aEffects">AddSkill=0:91.4,214=50</column>


<column name="aEffects">AddSkill=0:91.4</column>

The "AddSkill" effect takes care of the slot ID for you, it just needs the skill item ID to add.

Also, you appear to be adding 91.4 (Eagle Eye) and not 91.3 (Melee).

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Great, Thanks!

Yeah, it helps a lot to use the correct ID!