Can a limb be crippled but not broken? (Question answered)

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Can a limb be crippled but not broken? (Question answered)

I accidentally got into a fight with a sleeping dogman. He woke up and spotted me before I spotted him. His salvo of claws left my hand crippled but I can't seem to use a splint on it. The cut and pain are severe.
Apparently it can. You're then highly likely to die of an infection afterward though. Even if you have tough, medic, clean bandages, and prescription grade antibiotics.
How is anyone making it anywhere in this game? I've been studying the forums and wiki like crazy, and while it did get me to surviving a little longer it's not getting me very far.
I'm not trying to sound bitter, but it is very frustrating. I'm actually trying to see if anyone knows where I'm going wrong.

Yeah, sometimes a limb can be crippled from damage and not from a broken bone. You only need to tend the wound normally in this case.

Pew pew pew!

I'm actually trying to see if anyone knows where I'm going wrong.

You're letting yourself get hit. Seriously, the most important thing in this game while you're learning is to be constantly scared of taking a hit. XD

The game can indeed be infuriatingly punishing when you first start out, much more so than most games train us to expect these days. What's your usual cause of death? Is it the combat that's giving you trouble most? Disease? Food? We can probably give you a few ideas if we know where you need help. And don't worry about sounding bitter and frustrated, I think the vast majority of us have been there, NEO can be a frustration machine in the beginning. Apparently we're a community of stubborn masochists around here. XD

Also, if you aren't doing it already: After starting a new game, leave Cryo ASAP, preferably within a day or two. It's a tough area for new players, the game will be friendlier (so-to-speak) elsewhere.

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I've tried multiple play styles, and my common death seems to depend on what I'm doing. This last death I could not have avoided getting hit as the Dogman spotted me first. Despite my dodging he clipped me two more times before I could retreat to an effective range for my bow. dodging then waiting for him to slip up. then when he's down I ran. It's situations like that. One time I was taking cover, and got hit with a rifle. This stunned me... then he proceeded to do that again, and again. Nothing more I could have done. Then the same thing happened with a crowbar. One time I got so swarmed with creatures while sneaking that I could not get any sleep, and passed out in the middle of combat. Often it's during combat or due to the side effects of combat. I should note I've never made it to the third night.

I didn't want to create a whole new thread for this, but I just found a crafting schematic for something that isn't on the wiki. Is it likely that it's not there due to spoilers or was it just missed? If it's due to the spoiler that's in a way related I don't want to ruin that for anyone, but If it's likely not I'll go ahead and tell you what it is.

Come on an tell us. If it's not on the wiki, it's mostly due to me missing it anyway :D

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I think you need to try "the recipe". :) It will help increase your survival time, and give you a bit more breathing space while you're still learning the game. ;)

There are a few variations to the recipe, but here's the basic ideas:

1. Make a build that includes trapping, stong and melee (botany, tough or medic are also good starting skills for new players).
2. Kill the dogman with strong + melee, craft a dogman coat with trapping.
3. Craft a broad spear (tear up your hospital gown for rags if you have to). It's one of the best weapons in the game.

Okay, now here's the shocker:
$. Leave Cryo. I do mean like NOW, at this point, after crafting that spear. :) Though frankly most people stay at least the first night there, if there appear to be no enemies around and do a bit of scavenging. ;) It's just that there's scavenging available everywhere else too, and everywhere else is much less dangerous than the area around Cryo. Everything you would like to do at Cryo (like try to find some better clothes, or containers, or something to boil water in, etc), you can do all those things in any other spot too, with slightly fewer mean things coming after you.

And that's all there is to the recipe. You'll still be dying, don't get me wrong, but your survival times will probably increase enough to let you get a bit further along.

My other basic new player tips:

- Only attack when your opponent is vulnerable and avoid moves that make you vulnerable.
- Learn how to use combat distance to your advantage. For example, when fighting a melee opponent with a spear, try to always maintain a distance of 3, so that you can attack them but they can't attack you.
- Slings are a great backup weapon. They're small, easy to craft and a stone can soften an enemy from afar, stun them so you can attack or run away, cause decent blunt damage and may even cripple a limb.
- If your opponent isn't a BadMutha, and you're out of attack distance for at least the next few rounds, try chatting them up before attacking.
- Disinfect your drinking water. Also disinfect your wounds with clean water, tea or alcohol and bandage them up.
- Before sleeping, wipe your tracks, hide and use 4 noise traps.
- Things left on the ground (left side of the camp screen) attract NPCs to that hex, so don't leave stuff there if you want less visitors.
- Wear a face rag.

And very important:
- While you are still learning the game, don't try make a base and don't stay in one area longer than a few days, unless you know it to be a safer area. When you stay in an area long you make noise, you light fires, you leave your tracks and your scent all over the place and you basically do all the things that attract enemies to you. Embrace the hobo lifestyle. XD

Again, you'll still die, we all do. :) But hopefully some of this helps make it easier. Good luck.

P.S. I'm curious about that missing recipe too, what is it?

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I'm calling this up from memory, but I'm pretty sure It's accurate.

foil tunic (or something like that I got the impression that it used that slot)
EM reflective sheets x60
small thread x20
sharp point x1

I remember seeing a clue in one of the newspapers that you need something like that at one point.

The article is somewhat weak (crafting links need updating), but it is out there on the wikia:

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Weird that isn't on the main crafting page... or it's somewhere odd that I wasn't looking.

Its a spoiler item and meant to be found out by the player, if it was in the wiki every player would be able to rush to the official "ending" minigame-ish "CHOOSE ONE, IF YOU CHOOSE RIGHT YOU GET TO CHOOSE ANOTHER OH BOY SO FUN BTW YOU MIGHT GET 1hK'D." sequence.
Won't say too much, but its

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Camp Greyling

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ps daddy fedor i want 2 shoot a lasered gun!!!

I've tried that setup before. The heavy melee damage helped, and the ability to use strong to increase loot seemed to help me equip myself to handle the inevitable combat afterward.

Four noise traps is new to me, but I can't usually get a hold of the components for more than one.
Boiling water is difficult in that I rarely have a lighter, and almost never when I also have a pot. I do wash out my wounds when I have liquor.
The Items on the ground bit is also useful, and new.

The game has many little tricks that take a bit to figure out, and I don't wonna ruin it for ya by giving them all. But... here's the solutions to these problems.

Having trapping means you don't need a lighter to make fire, just branches and twigs. But even without trapping, there are other ways to make fire, like focused sunlight, using any lens. Noise traps are easy because they can be made from multiple different components: bottles are common enough as the container part, twigs and pebbles are everywhere for the noisemaking, you just need to find the threads. Also, you can boil things in a soup can, doesn't have to be a pot.

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
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You can use cans to boil water too. They can boil only one droplet per use but are smaller then pots and have other uses (can store things, can make noise traps). In emergency you can use also whiskey bottles to boil water. Bottle gets destroyed in the process thou so they are one use only for this purpose.

Finding container for boiling water should be one of your priorities early on. They can be difficult to find.

You can use two branches + bark/small thread + trapping skill to start fire.
You can use scope/binoculars + sun (available during clear days) to start fire as well.
You can use battery and some small parts to make lighter (sparker really) but it needs electric charges to work.

Some food (fried meat, berries) extinguish bit of thirst along with your hunger. Berries are easy to find if you have botany skill and large chunk of fried meat can remove quit a lot of thirst (for a food). Use that if you have no safe water.

Noise traps can be made from any container: bottle, can, even bottle of pills. You can empty them out for a night and make traps before going to sleep. In the morning deconstruct traps, fill your bottles and go on. I newer keep them with me ready, I just carry necessary material and craft them before sleep. They take little time to craft. Only case when I keep them is at the base, if I have one.

There is menu at the crafting screen where you can see all the crafting recipes you know. It's in the upper left corner of the crafting screen, over the inventory. Check that up when you are new to the game.

Also in case you do not know, having light source in your hand (torch, turned on hand light) gives you full action points per turn in dark/low light conditions. Makes you more effective in that time of the day.

Btw, as for fighting skill to pick. I recommend ranged, not melee for beginner. 99.99% of enemies you will encounter in the beginning of the game are melee fighters. No matter what skills you take, weapon you carry and tactics you use, you will end up receiving hits in the melee combat one way or another. Ranged keeps you 100% safe as long as you are able to keep your distance (which you can't always off course).

And once you start encountering opponents with guns, you will have very hard time with melee fighter.

You can construct sling fairly early on using very basic materials (rag/skin + 2xlong thread). It's very powerful weapon with ammo reasonably easy to find (hexes with destroyed buildings have plenty). Combined with ranged skill, it's deadly. Wait for enemy to come to range 15 or less (at longer ranges you will miss often and waste ammo), fire only when he is "vulnerable" (typically every time he use "run"), use reload pauses or moments when he is not vulnerable to keep or gain distance during the fight. Generally keeping safe distance (but within effective range) is your first priority, hitting enemy is the second. Pebbles are not useless, contrary to general believe. Stones are preferable but if you run out of them, or want to conserve them for tougher opponents, don't be afraid to use pebbles. Trick is to use them in "multiple attack" mode (or how it's called). This attack will first of all force enemy to duck behind the cower, giving you time to gain some distance meanwhile and multiple projectiles will make up for low damage of each of them.

In general, sling stones tend to cause stuns and knock downs more often then arrows, which makes it easier to control the distance in the fight. Only advantage greenwood bows have over sling is that stones weight more then arrows and are one use projectiles only.

If ranged alone does not suffice for you, combining ranged and athletic makes for very powerful combination since you will be able to outrun most enemies and thus be able to maintain distance in fight more easily.

Btw, ranged skill still gives you ability to craft broadhead spear, if you want it as a backup.