PAX East 2015 Photos!

I finally got around to uploading the photos from PAX, including some my folks took during setup. And since they are pretty large, and this site tends to limit photos to 600px wide, I decided to upload them to a Google Photo Album so they can be seen larger:

Camp NEO Scavenger at PAX East 2015

Jody (my brother-in-law) and I surveying our camp.

I've captioned each photo, too, if you want some more context (and witticism) :)

So come one, come all, to Camp NEO Scavenger! See how we built it, and what the view was like from the trenches. Hope you enjoy, and have a good weekend!


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That was a lot less space than I assumed they would supply... And you still managed to fill 3/4 of it with junk. Good work!

Also, do you have at least a rough estimate of how many people have you "served" throughout the convention?

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Jody and I were trying to figure that out. Assuming we each tutored an average of 10 people per hour, that's 20 * 8 * 3 = 480 people. We definitely had a few breaks, though, so it was less. But then again, some "sessions" were groups and/or had spectators, so maybe it evens out? I'm estimating close to 500, at any rate.

The true measure was in the gravely nature of our voices Sunday night. We sounded like chain-smoking rock stars by the end :)

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I was waiting for these, thanks. :) One thing I have to say is that I really do love that backdrop, I can understand why it'd stop people, it looks very impressive. The banner came out great too. But I want the DMC backdrop for my living room wall. We should make some arrangements. XD

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The pics were great to see. :) I'm glad it was such a success!