The Art of Butchery

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The Art of Butchery

Hello everyone,

having spent some time wandering the wastelands around Detroit, it seems to be a good time to talk about my experience so far - or why you should accept cannibalism into your life as your lord and savior.

On my current playthrough (v1.04) I chose Strong, Melee, Tough and Trapping combined with Metabolism and Insomniac as starting traits. Strong maximizes loot and along with Tough it increases your chances to survive those shaky first few rounds. Furthermore through Trapping and Melee you gain access to the dogman fur coat and the broad spear among other things. Especially the latter is an item I wouldn't want to miss. Not to mention this build makes for a pretty decent fighter.

Consequently I had a blast at the very beginning - copious amounts of loot and those feeble strangers were no match for this mighty warrior. The world was mine to conquer.

Then things went bad. Really bad. Since I managed to find a metal sauce pan early on, water supply wasn't a problem. Food on the other hand was a different story. Without the botany skill, forests do not provide a stable amount of berries or mushrooms and squirrels did not come close to saturate my insatiable hunger.

As you might have guessed already, the hunger bar dropped from green to yellow, to red, to gone. About time to re-evaluate my values, my outlook on life in general.

And so I did.

You see, while botanists spend most of their time in forests, on their knees, digging through dirt and hugging trees, the same cannot be said about my fighter. One thing kept piling up however: the corpses of my defeated enemies.

At this point any sensible person will surely agree, that there's only one viable solution to this conundrum.


Not only did I accept this solution to my problems, I actively embraced it. Setting up shop in an abandoned office building just about 12-15 hexes outside of Detroit, my very own post-apocalyptic butcher shop was born. And man, business was booming. Those looters just kept pouring in. Along with them, they brought all kinds of loot – pistols and rifles, bullets and bows just to name a few.

So, I guess that's enough for a start. My intentions behind this post is to make an argument for cannibalism, since it seems to me that the article on the wiki focuses too much on the downsides and neglects to mention its benefits: Given that your character can deal with the insane amount of combat, cannibalism not only provides for food, but also for a great variety of high value loot – without having to move one inch.

Hence, let me ask you one final question - Have you, dear reader, accepted Cannibalism into your life as your lord and savior?

I find it as a style of living rather than a religion. and besides, it wouldn't be cannablism as your L and S it would be the Wendigo(the spirit thingy that posseses you to omnomnom on people and melonheads) as the L and S. while my character doesn't rely on it solely it does ensure survival at the darkest of times. P.S. this would've been better placed in the general discussion section instead of the fan-fic section.

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