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Followers and Parties/groups mod

The title says it all. I think it would be cool if there was a follower system to have more people than just yourself. Like if you could have a party of four or there was the random chance the other cryo tubes were working and you could open them and get another follower or person to control. Have someone go out and scavenge during the day while there other(s) stay back and watch the camp, or be a nomadic party you and your other controllable follower(s) travel the wastes together. Just so you don't feel so alone all the time. Also have the other(s) specialize in other skills that you could not. I don't know maybe if your could it could be a option to huddle together for warmth. I'm just reaching here want to know what everyone thinks. Thank for you time.

This has been discussed/requested many times, but unfortunately that's not possible, due to engine limitations.

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Wasn't The last stand: deadzone made on flash? That had a follower system.

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It's the game engine limitations, not the programming platform.

Basically, in order to add followers, Dan would have to re-program the entire game.

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More or less, but you also have to consider non de-spawning npcs that "Follow"(Like dogmen to caller) the player and are part of the same faction to not initiate conflict. An overly complicated process that isnt really worth it where a handful of rounds and a good gun to fire them with wouldnt be just as effective. As for equipping them, not likely to happen, they might steal gear, but thats about it.

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