what's up with everyone finding looting really op?

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what's up with everyone finding looting really op?

i've had over 20 playthroughs now, and at each one i got to the dmc and no further. once im there, if i try to venture out for loot and adventure, i'll probably starve to death.

i've since corrected my starving to death problem, but even then every place i loot has minimal stuff. i generally use strong and a crowbar in each place, and i am going far away enough from the dmc to loot stuff. am i just really unlucky?

Goddammit, ridiculous deaths!

Loot is also based on the location you gather it from. For example, ruins are more likely to drop odd bits and pieces than how it happens with structures in good condition. Part of it may be also your luck (or lack of it), though, yes. Try to get even further from DMC and concentrate on checking storage units (especially the locked ones) and intact office/residential buildings.

ill try to go left rather than right next game and see if the loot's better that way, because no matter what i do i usually find nothing or pretty useless stuff.

guess i am just really unlucky.

Goddammit, ridiculous deaths!

The more tools you have the more loot you will get. Get a crowbar, get a light source (lighter or flashlight or lit torch), get night vision goggles, and have lockpicks if you have the lockpick skill. Select all these tool in the loot screen and the looting status bar should be solid green. If you use hiding or mechanic skill the loot will be reduced.

youll have the mechanical eye before you find goggle AND a battery for it. as for loot, luck is a major part, and i suspect what your scavenging determins what you will find.

to clarify one last thing, raising your loot bar only increase the chance that you will find "something" it doesn't raise the quality, quantity, and change what you get.

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