text quest death alternative

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text quest death alternative

hope you guess what i mean. it's neither death in combat nor cause of disease or accident. it's related to specific game locations where you have to choose your next action according to situation description and sometimes you're dying there. but it doesn't mean you were not be able to warn it, it happens generally cause of simple curiosity. maybe it's good as once but next time in this hex you won't be thinking twice, in fact you won't be thinking at all. just quick stupid clicking walkthrough. and i think it doesn't fit to the concept of challenging game. so what if player stays alive but with bad injuries, disease or inventory loss or all at once(it could be randomized). and if you are ready for such consequence you can return to your campsite or find a hideout to recover, otherwise, if you didn't think twice, you will die anyway. and that would be fair.

So true. Had that happen to me in the Mental Asylum out of the blue... no pun intended...