How 2 make this website git gud

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How 2 make this website git gud

OK so some suggestions to make this website pretty dank would be
.add gifs of Sn00p D0g3 doing the arm rotation
.erry tiem you click on a link to the forrums or something you hear a sound clip of "Smoke weed every day"
.add lens flare erry where
.replace the hexes at the top of the page w/swamp hexes w/shrek standing in them
.adding random ads frm MNT.Dew and Doritos
.have the background of the website the merga w/a l00minarty eye as its face
.erry time you post something play a sound clip of "Damn son where'd you find this"
.erry tiem you reply have a sound clip of "GIT NOOOOOOOOOSCOOOOOOOOOOOPED" play
.when you logoff have a sound clip of "GIT OUTA MA SWAMP" play and have it in shreks voice
.change the name from "blue bottle game" to "blue bong games" and be sponsored by Sn00p D0g3

-----------/___._\ THEIR ALWAYS WATCHING
----------/_.-"-._\ WATCHING CLOSELY
---------/-<(( ))>-\ EVERY BREATH
--------/__"-...-'__\ EVERY STEP
-------/'___|__|_____\REPOST OR THE MERGA WILL SPOOK YOU