Ice Ice Baby!

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Ice Ice Baby!

OK, so I came upon this little project recently, called "Icy", which might be up the alley of many people around here.

It looks like it's going to be, and you won't believe it, a narrative/story-driven, text-heavy survival game. A shocker, right?

Anyway, this one seems to be about the new ice age, which is, surprisingly, very underused theme in the post-apocalyptic games genre. It looks like the zombies might have missed that one, when they were eating up the remainder of creativity in the gaming business :D

Not telling anyone to buy it or anything, but thought many of the good folks around here might be interested to see where it goes.

While the link below is to their crowd-funding campaign, the game has already been funded, so at the very least we can be sure it won't flop in mid-way.

"Icy" on Indie Go Go

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I just had time to actually look at this, and wow, it sure looks like a game NEO players should take a look at. I'm so rarely excited about new games these days, but this did the job. Thanks for the tip Kaaven, I'm gonna follow this one around and keep my fingers crossed that the Ities actually deliver. :)

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i had this game on steam! huh. it was decent although there was some stuff that i found that i didnt really like. the story was interesting though