On My Own (wilderness survival game in development)

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On My Own (wilderness survival game in development)

I found this totally by random the other day. I don't know anything about it beyond the pitch here, and have no affiliation with the creator(s), but it looks interesting if you're a fan of retro art and survival games.


Sadly, as with most Kickstarter projects, finding out about it AFTER the campaign is over doesn't really help beyond awareness.

The focus on tablets is a mixed prospect for me, as is the mention of "DLC" right out the gate (!!!), but it looks like it could be a very nice update of the old boardgame "Wilderness Survival" (which itself was insanely tough).

Anyone know more about this, the devs, or have any thoughts?

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Well, on first glance it looks almost too iterative for comfort, both in the artstyle (which I don't mind, kinda cute) and in the gameplay elements. I'll try the Unity Player when I get home, see if it has anything unique to it. That's the problem with most classic survival games (of the learn the recipes, craft everything you can, then get bored variety), it's hard to do it differently enough to keep the interest.

I remember I got obsessed last year with Wayward - for a few days. Then I learned what there was to learn, made all the recipes there were to make and the game was neither challenging nor tactically interesting enough to keep me. Still, there's a browser game there that you can waste some fun hours on. (Development for that game was suspended at some point, you might wonna keep that in mind.) When I feel like plain old survival I still, after all these years, keep going back to URW. It's probably because of the shocking depth it has. I think when it comes to survival, you either have to have an interesting angle or a really deep gameplay, everything else feels unfinished. Which is why it's a hard genre for indies to get right - not that it stops anyone from trying. ;)

Still, thanks for the heads-up, I'm always interested in dipping my toes in a new one. :)

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URW? What's that?

UnReal World. :D One of the oldest still under development games out there. Brilliant, immensely deep, mostly turn-based open world survival roguelike, and currently donationware. Not a game for people who like their graphics fresh and their control systems easy to learn though. ;) But for those who can deal with some very simple pixel art and are willing to learn the commands, it's really gratifying and immersive.

And btw, thanks for asking, I always appreciate the excuse to rattle on about UrW. XD Even after an unmentionable number of years of unhealthy obsession, it still takes me effort not to keep preaching the word to anyone who wants or doesn't want to listen. ;)

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How did I ever miss this game? What a hidden gem! Thanks Linibot, and see ya later, as I guess I'll be UrW'ing for the next year, heh.

Could you imagine combining UrW with a SkyRim graphical interface?

That's a horrible idea, we'd all be feeding through IV lines. XD

There's actually a graphical overhaul underway right now, still 2D but pretty much everything is getting redone. Bear in mind though, by "right now" I really mean within the next few years, this game's updates are like the turtle: slow and steady does it. ;) Still, it's always pretty awesome to forget all about it for half a year or a year, download the latest update and see everything that's new, they never disappoint. There's also some great mods if you ever run out of content (so in about a year or two). :)

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