Admin Work, Android, and Getting Sick

A good chunk of my morning today was spent on administrivia, unfortunately. The accountant needed a few more bits of info to continue working, and that revealed a new batch of receipts and forms that I was missing. That, and I had to calculate some home office expenses that I missed on my budget spreadsheet in 2014. Not fun, but necessary.

On the plus side, I had a bit of time to mess around with the Android build today. With v1.04 safely uploaded and making the rounds (some places faster than others), I figured I'd use the temporary calm to continue my research on an Android build.

I had a number of hurdles to overcome with library-linking and external dependencies, but that was to be expected. I'm trying to use as much of the original source code and resources as possible, and making the Android project just override a few classes.

Surprisingly, I managed to get a working build of NEO Scavenger running on the desktop emulator after a few hours. I was able to get as far as cryo, but had to stop there because the game was oriented incorrectly on the screen, obscuring the UI. Still, that's pretty amazing.

Then again, this doesn't mean it'll do the same thing on an actual tablet. Desktop emulators are notoriously deceptive :)

Lastly, I'm sick. I thought was "maybe sick" this morning, but I am fully, 100% sick this afternoon. I get that "achy skin" symptom when I have a real illness (as opposed to perennial runny nose), and boy am I aching. Chills are setting in, and my throat seems a bit raw/drippy. Ugh.

We'll see how tomorrow goes, and whether this subsides into "mildly annoyed and can still code" sick, or grows into "don't touch me and leave the lights off" sick.

Staying well-hydrated, well-fed, warm, and rested though. Gotta get that infection meter up again :)


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Well just go outside, find some roots, write the word "bear" on them, and chew. Or just go to the doctors and get stabbed in the ass with a needle. Ugh, I hate needles. Or take Tylonol. Just hope you get better so you can make more masterpeices.

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Medi-Kit is already in the post, hope it arrives in time. ;) Get well soon. :)

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Ugh! Pax-pox aka con plague.
Best of luck beating that off!

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I warned you about nerd rot bro.
I told you dog!

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I know, I should've used more hand-sanitizer :)

The good news is that some of the symptoms are abating. I think it's now a full-on nasal infection, but at least the aching fever chills went away overnight. I'm poking around a bit with work/accounting stuff when I'm up to it, but basically taking it easy to (hopefully) mend faster.

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